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What Does It Mean to “Prepare for the Economic Collapse”?

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Last week I wrote an article in response to the media’s vilification of preppers in the aftermath of the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  The article was quoted in an article on, to my great astonishment, and that is when I saw how little most people understand about prepping.  You can see in most of the 4492 comments the article received that many folks just don’t “get it”.

My inbox was filled with a barrage of  hate mail and a number of people felt compelled to leave angry (and rather ignorant) comments on my website. I got messages from people that called me “batsh*t crazy”, messages from gun control advocates, messages from people who directly blamed me and all other preppers for the massacre, and even one particularly hate-filled email from a person who said “I hope that your kids are killed at the next school shooting.

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4 comments to What Does It Mean to “Prepare for the Economic Collapse”?

  • Eric

    Those comments are funny and pathetic at the same time. I’m afraid the masses are still way way WAY behind in their awakening process. It doesnt matter who they consider themselves to be….republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, christian, atheist, etc.

    Dire consequences await the uninformed and the unprepared.

    Listen to all. Follow none. Think for yourself. Empower the individual. The real you.

    • SGT

      I’m sorry to read this Daisy – amazed, and sorry. YOU deserve much better. Why is it always ‘shoot the messenger’ in this country? Snowden? Manning? Hastings? So few even care. I’m afraid, we may well be doomed.

      • Eric

        Everybody has been programmed with complete bullshit from top to bottom. Nobody likes to come to the realization that what they believe may not be the truth. It hurts their ego. So they react with violence and anger.

        We’re not doomed at all. People just have a lot more waking up to do. Some will. Some won’t. But the psychotics are scared that we are waking up. And they should be. There are 7 billion of us. They don’t stand a chance! Imagine what could be possible if we all got on the same page and stood united for 5 minutes.

        Pace yourself dude. This is going to take time.

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