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We, Who are Left Behind

by MDL, Survival Blog:

I’ve seen many articles and entries on how to deal with various forms of property, power and safety issues in a TEOTWAWKI situation, as well as the proper means of dealing with disease and the disposal of bodies. But I have seen precious little on the psychology of being the survivor of those losses.  The horrible events in the Philippines have led me to address this.

Let me state here and now that I do not have the type of education that would make me “qualified” to address this.  Just experience.  I must also state that I have never lost “everything” in the conventional sense of the word; as most people equate that to a house, a car etc.

Over the course of my life though I grew up poor I had a home and on most nights, food.  As an adult I have all of the “things” I feel are necessary for a decent lifestyle.  But those things are just things, and transient by their nature.  I didn’t know what true happiness was until I became a father.  That was when I learned what was truly important.  Life was good.

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