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Unprecedented & Historic Events Shock The Financial World

from KingWorldNews:

Right now there are some absolutely historic events taking place in the financial world. KWN will expose what is happening for our global readers, and also include some comments from the legendary Richard Russell at the end of this piece…..

Sotheby’s just had a 59.60-carat pink diamond sell for an all-time auction record of a staggering $83 million. The previous record for a gemstone was held by Graff from several years ago, at $45.6 million. So, the latest auction shattered the previous record. This is a trend that has been continuing around the world, where the super-wealthy are exiting fiat money for hard assets such as art, diamonds, etc.

Speaking of art, yesterday an Andy Warhol painting sold for a breathtaking $105 million. Again, this shattered the previous Warhol auction record of $71.7 million. If you were impressed by that, then you should know the all-time record for the sale of any work of art took place two days ago at a jaw-dropping $142.4 million. [Francis Bacon triptych of Lucian Freud]

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  • rich

    India Paying an Equivalent $1,565 Per Ounce For Physical Gold Bullion

    When the Reserve Bank of India and the government tried to staunch gold imports by increasing duties and limiting supply in order to help their western central bank counterparts, who were deeply embarrassed by their inability to return Germany’s gold, the experiment in currency controls had the effect of making the premiums paid for actual gold jump to 21.6% over western paper ‘spot’ prices.

    What good is a ‘spot price’ for gold if it is just a construct derived from the paper gold price on the increasingly gold deficient Comex, and not from a physically transacting market? And what good is a price set on a so-called physically transacting market like the LBMA if it is done in secret, with leverages said to be approaching 100 to 1?

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