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TSA’s $1 Billion ‘Behavioral Detection’ Program Only Slightly More Accurate Than A Coin Flip

by Tim Cushing, Tech Dirt:

I have yet to see a Government Accountability Office report that can’t be described as “highly negative” — at minimum. Most tend to fall somewhere between “brutal” and “scathing.” This is a good thing, although I imagine any agency that is the subject of these reports strongly feels otherwise.

Unfortunately, I’m also inclined to believe that I’ll go to my grave before I see a GAO report giving its subject a thumbs up or a 3-out-of-5 star rating. This is a bad thing, because it suggests many of these agencies coast from scathing review to scathing review with minimal interest in improving things.

The GAO’s report on the TSA’s Behavioral Detection program, SPOT (Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques), is out and it’s every bit as bad as the laborious lead-in above would have you believe. First off, any program that immediately conjures up this scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a program that has some serious problems.

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