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Trend Analysis of Gold

from Dan Norcini:

As we draw near to the close of November, I thought it fitting to provide a look at the gold chart over several time frames, near-term, intermediate and long term, in regards to the trend of the market.

For this purpose, I am using an old but reliable indicator known as the Directional Movement Index, which is as good as any others out there when it comes to determining whether a market is in a trending phase or is moving sideways within a range.

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2 comments to Trend Analysis of Gold

  • creditorj

    How can this guy sit there with a straight face and tell us charts matter in the gold and silver market.

  • roger

    cuz he is a yank and they are so confused! They follow momentum, they cannot face the truth.
    In fact when witnessing ‘truth’ many americans go into shock and will quickly change the subject. Happens alot, believe me.

    And as PC Roberts said: “Eveything the uS Gov’t says is a lie.”

    Norcini is stuck in a den of vipers, they are all around him. This is all he sees. So he runs to the pics, to charts to make him have something to hold on to, even if the Fed an Banksters are ‘painting’ the charts to control the traders like mr Dan.

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