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Tough Questions Answered

by Jan Skoyles,

There are many questions that gold investors are keen to ask at the moment. Recently gold and silver market expert, Eric Sprott, answered some of them.

He is, like so many of us, questioning how long the gold price can stay low for within a market of record high physical gold demand. There appears to be little slowing in the demand coming from China, whilst in India official figures may say one thing but smuggling numbers say a love for gold cannot be suppressed. At the moment demand is met, Sprott believes, through ETF outflows, but that can only continue for a short-period of time.

But how low will the price go before physical demand is the major driver? And with gold looking like a real buy at the moment, how much of your portfolio should you allocate to precious metals?

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1 comment to Tough Questions Answered

  • john

    They have just taken the price down again,but not far enough,hope they continue more aggressively,so I can load the truck.Not much interested in gold,silver is the greater value,in my opinion.It is ludicrously cheap,they are giving it away,even at these prices.I challenge anyone to name something,that is less than half,what it cost 30 years ago,bet you can’t,apart from Silver.

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