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Tips on Selecting and Operating a Generator

by Gary D, Survival Blog:

Those of us who plan on “bugging in” during upcoming times of uncertainty realize the need to plan for possible extended power shortages or blackouts. These preparations can range from a total separation from anything electrical or electronic to a series of sophisticated alternate power sources designed to completely power a survival location up to pre-blackout levels. Based on the questions frequently asked by members of the survivalist community in numerous forums, the most common item of interest for the temporary generation of power for daily living seems to be the portable generator. Some of the most frequently asked questions are in the area of the selection and use of these generators for SHTF situations. Hopefully, the following may be usable for some of you as a guide in the selection of a generator best suited for your needs.

First of all, we need to realistically evaluate what it is you need a generator for. Yes, you can buy a generator large enough to run an entire household and a small farm and power everything all at the same time. This involves, however, a larger, noisier and less fuel efficient generator which, incidentally, costs more money.

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1 comment to Tips on Selecting and Operating a Generator

  • Rancher

    Good points.
    However a buried into the hillside genset with double muffler exhaust works very well. A 35,000 KW 200 amp unit from the military is a good choice.
    But batteries with the correct inverters work best as when the power goes of one goes on while the world is in the dark.
    Tonight the power went out again in the high mountains of Idaho. The snow is a foot deep now and good luck on any help tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The only way I knew the power went out was an alarm sounded in the room and a small red light lit up saying the areas grid was down.
    I was sitting in the old recliner watching the end of We Were Soldiers. Sipping my evening medicinal drink ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I had to get up and flip the alarm switch off while the red lit stayed on because everyone else up and around the hills here was in the dark. Sadly they have been and always will be in the dark even when the grid comes back on….
    The TV never blinked when the batteries took over when the grid crashed and I sat back down and finished the movie. Watching a concert now and penning this posting a couple hours later still running on battery stand by. I could do this all night as well. Oh the genset is still waiting to fire up if I want to but it has not been run for two months now.
    Just saying being prepared with some sense of style and comfort is well worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We all have to start somewhere but where you end up is up to you.

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