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The Race To Militarize America & Tag Domestic Enemies in USA

from AVN:

$34 Billion in military gear is dumped on American towns, cities and counties as the USA heats up to go to war against its own people. The real terrorist threat to America is based in Washington DC.

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1 comment to The Race To Militarize America & Tag Domestic Enemies in USA

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    You got that right. Militarised police in armoured carriers, police responding in squads. Thuggish, overbearing demeanour by bureaucrats in all departments. America is being transformed into pre-WW2 Germany. Incessantly droning orders over P.A. systems at airports, designed to saturate the mind to accept the intrusion as normal, all citizens being suspicions of some crime against The State.
    As a case in point; My daughter just transited from Cancun in Mexico, through Dallas, then to LA and on to Canada, and was treated as if she were a passenger on a cattle car to Auschwitz. She had orders barked out at her to remove things from pockets, had pat downs because a computer said she needed one, because of ruffles on her shoulder straps of her blouse. She had her bags rummaged through twice, had long delays and missed flights because of the 10 gates at customs for US citizens and 3 for non-residents. The ratio was about 1:10 with the US windows empty of passengers and a 2 hour line for the other travellers. She was subjected to rude and power-tripping border guards at the airport, with telephone communications banned in the customs hall. She was obviously not in the free speech zone! She was just trying to organise herself around her bureaucratic delays.
    Her friend from Scotland, travelling home from the same wedding was detained for objecting when it was discovered she had two cigars in her luggage. She ripped into the idiot going through her bags and was taken off to be interrogated and detained by these border thugs. America, you can go and get fucked. Never will I step on your soil, you Nazi pricks. You so called “normal” citizens
    over there had best get off your “asses” and put a stop to this shit or your Camelot will truly be gone.

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