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The Housing Market Approaches a Cliff

Things always become obvious after the fact
– Nassim Taleb

from Truth in Gold:

I issued a “sell” on the new homebuilder stocks at the end of January (Dow Jones Home Construction Index basis – DJUSHB). Since then, the DJUSHB is down 18% and has been down as much as 26%. This is a remarkable call considering that in the same time period the S&P 500 is up 20%. During this same period, homebuilder company executives have been dumping their shares at a stunning pace.

I have been postulating that what has been promoted as a housing market recovery by the financial media, Wall Street and the Obama Government is really nothing more than a dead-cat bounce in a long term bear market that has been fueled by a couple trillion in taxpayer-backed Federal Reserve and Government stimulus programs.

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1 comment to The Housing Market Approaches a Cliff

  • Frank Zak

    Anyone telling you not to buy real estate
    is not you friend. It has years to run up.

    Anyone telling you not to buy real estate has the I.Q.
    of a fish.

    Nassim Taleb is a mind numbing idiot.

    Where do these flakes come from ?

    I guarantee, if you listen to these people
    long enough, you will loose everything you own.

    The Fed has controlled since 1913. You can’t wish them
    away. This excuse of the Fed doing this and that
    is an excuse for why they ALL MISSED CALLING THE HOUSING
    BOTTOM IN Jan of 2011.

    Why do we listen to people whom have no track record
    of correct predictions ?

    Because they tell you what you want to hear.

    You are hypnotised by charlatans and are too young
    to know it.

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