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The Fourth Turning is Here

Signs of Change Growing…

by Nick Hodge, Outsider Club:

A lot has gone wrong over the past few years.

Many would say America isn’t quite what she used to be…

From bank-induced subprime mortgage fraud to market collapses, uncontrollable Washington spending to IRS, FBI, and NSA scandals, it’s easy to see that something is very wrong.

The good news is that one season always turns to the next. And when this “American Winter,” as I’m calling it, comes to an end… it will usher in an “American Spring” that will send our country soaring to new heights.

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1 comment to The Fourth Turning is Here

  • Oz's

    TO THE Yanks, I have been to your country many many times.
    You have many wonderful people.

    2 months ago, I refused a company obligation to go Stateside, for TSA etc reasons.
    …I work for Walmart, al la in an African subsidiary at a senior level.

    WM is frantically trying to diversify out of the States, you should see the African CAPEX expansion plan (no foodstamp programme here :).

    40% of all WM USA sales come from Foodstamps…administrator = JPM, provider = the Fed, that’s another story), ie WM is insolvent in the great USA.

    I am sorry for the many good Yanks, you are are so screwed on so many levels.

    The Rothschilds have decided you are “useless eaters” & because 80% of you are just plain dumb, you are doomed.

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