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The FBI WAR on Tupac Shakur And BLACK LEADERS — Author John Potash

Author John Potash joins me to discuss the FBI’s multi decade WAR on Black leaders and communities. John’s book The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders provides the framework for our discussion. You can learn more about the book and John’s research at FBI War on

John explains that Tupac Shakur’s parents were both leaders of the Black Panthers, which back in the day was central to community organizing and activism in Black communities. The Shakur’s were part of Malcolm X’s family. And like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X so many other African-American leaders before him, Tupac had a voice and a following – and he was willing and able to speak out against the establishment. And like so many before him, in 1996 his life was snuffed out far too early in a blaze of gunfire in Las Vegas – a murder which remains unsolved to this day.

As we approach the 50-year anniversary of the murder of President John F. Kennedy, a ‘hit’ which was covered up by what John Potash calls “the Oligarchy”, this conversation is as timely as it is sad. Because it’s never been more clear that “the Oligarchy”, through its many tentacles which include intelligence agencies and the FBI, literally reaches into all aspects of American life.

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7 comments to The FBI WAR on Tupac Shakur And BLACK LEADERS — Author John Potash

  • D the Fat Wun

    In the post-Civil War days up to the ’60s, black men prided themselves on being able to care for their wives and children. It proved to them that they were as viable as other people in handling responsibility. So what changed that today? A contributing factor to the break up of the black family was welfare. You want welfare? Can’t have a man in the house. Men had to leave. Pretty soon, it became normal for children not to be raised with their father.

    Soon after that the equal rights movement (sit in at Woolworth) benefitted the white businesses more than the blacks. As blacks asserted their right to shop in a formerly “white only” store, black businesses suffered a decline in patronage. Nowaday groceries in black communities are minority owned, but many are Arabs (who pool together to buy stuff cheaper and then divide up the goods).

    The drug scene also contributed to the destruction of the black community.

    What has been done to blacks is now being done to everyone else. Back in the ’80s it was only poorer blacks who felt that somebody owed them something. Starting in the ’90s it was blacks, whites, latinos and asians too. Everybody jumped on the Frei Scheisse Armee.

  • Kyle

    Great interview Sean, fills in a few blanks!

  • jC


    Wow, that was the best interview I’ve heard on this site. I have never heard about the Nazi regime’s influence on the Latin America drug trade. Very informative.

  • GoodOleBoy

    How can you guys do this interview and not bring up Bob Marley. They absolutely hated him.

    Nice interview, glad to see you switching it up from the normal topics that we hear everyday.

  • Steve_D

    Brilliant, informative interview Sean. I thoroughly enjoyed that, thanks.

  • gerald

    I expect silver to get to around $15 oz. My reason: In 1964 a silver quarter bought just over a gallon of gas. So everything being equal in inflation terms, a silver quarter should be worth $3. Not fact, just saying.

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