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Taking Back Our Words and Lives From The Politically Correct Hyper Sensitive Social Engineers

by Kurt Nimmo, The Lone Star Watchdog:

Two years ago while standing talking to a Mexican about food. I was saying while eating a diet heavy eating Mexican food with spices and much garlic. I get sick less because of a protein rich diet. Those of us who live in Texas know that Mexican food is the fifth food group of its own. The Mexican man took no offense to it and we were talking about other famous Mexican dishes. He had to get back to work.

After I had the conversation was done. A woman eavesdropping on my conversation came over to me and told me that talking about Mexican food was racist. She is white as butter. So pale is her skin. She could glow in the dark. The Mexican man took no offense and I took no offense. The lady behind the counter making Chicken Fajitas who is Mexican was the third person who made little small talk about what was on the menu. We were talking about the nutritional value of Mexican food. She took no offense either. Only the person uninvolved was the only one offended by this because she said it was racist to talk about Mexican food.

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