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Suzanne Somers: Obamacare Screws Boomers

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Actress, author, and businesswoman Suzanne Somers is warning that senior citizens and the swollen ranks of Baby Boomers are going to be screwed over by Obamacare. She has lambasted the Ponzi scheme boondoggle as socialism on steroids from the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

Somers knows firsthand how bad socialized medicine is. Her husband’s Canadian family told her as much. It takes months to see a general practitioner and longer to see a specialist in Canada. Old folks are denied care and left to die.

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2 comments to Suzanne Somers: Obamacare Screws Boomers

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    As a Canadian I’m fed up with these articles which are nothing but lies made up in order to make Americans feel good about their fucked up disgrace of a health care system even before cockroach Obama’s care plan while demonizing Canada’s plan. I’ll take what we have to offer over the US system any day. The system isn’t perfect and has problems but its basically good. Large population centers have strained resources and remote areas have trouble getting doctors. Other than that I live in a population of under 50,000. I’ve been hospitalized 3 times in the last 3 years for pneumonia, to have a gangrenous appendix removed and most recently a leg broken in 3 places. My cost for all of these hospitalizations was zero. Four months ago my daughter gave birth to our second grand child, her cost was zero. Our basic nation wide national plan costs an average of $66 per month per person with slightly lower cost for the children in a family. As far as Canadian doctors fleeing to the US I say bullshit! My mother passed away due to cancer in January. She was 82 years old and was offered the full gamut of treatment, chemo and radiation but she declined since she was already in advanced stages and terminal when it was discovered. My mothers oncologist was a top notch wonderful doctor who left Minnesota to join a new regional cancer center in Canada since he couldn’t stomach practicing in the US any more. The source of that article is a lying scum bag sack of shit!

  • Rodster

    Good, keep your healthcare and i’m happy with mine. I do agree that both sides vilify each others healthcare and make broad assumptions. The US healthcare system is by far the best in the world where individuals with money still come to with virtually NO waiting.

    The main problem with our healthcare is cost and not quality. The reason costs continue to go up is due to government cost and layers of bureaucracy.

    Did you know that there are doctors in the US who will provide their services for less than 75-80% of what it would cost if they bypass the government built model for healthcare?

    You need to blame government and not US healthcare. It was the bureaucrats who purposely built an out of control healthcare system that few can afford. It’s now government who says they can fix it. NO THANKS !

    Just look at what a $600 million government run website gets you. Only 6 were able to signup because the website is typical of anything government tries to do ….a Joke !

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