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How will you survive the coming collapse? Whether it’s the destruction of the environment that causes a collapse in our way of life, or an economic collapse, or a combination of the two – we all need to prepare for worst case scenarios. Mike and Brad from Full Spectrum join us to discuss strategies to combat Fukushima radiation, how to survive killer storms, and even how to deal with the eugenics-like ramifications of Obamcare.

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  • Jeff

    Great interview Sean. Though I’m convinced that much of what we see in terms of “weather modification” efforts taking place every day is real and dangerous, dutchsinse is not aiding our quest for truth. That is the nicest way I can put it and I’m bummed out you referenced him.

    • SGT

      Thanks Jeff. And don’t be too bummed out, a word or two in any 45 minute interview can be tossed out and the balance of the message remains intact!

      • Jeff

        No disagreement there Sean. Thanks for all your hard work. The fukushima story is terrifying and I’m glad your covering it. Trying to avoid food from California / Pacific like Rory said is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario. Maybe GMO from Idaho is better? Pick your poison?

  • Joe

    Zionism – The Greatest Criminal Ruse of All Time

    “The launching of Israel at the end of history, a state based on archaic Bible myths, is proving to be mankind’s greatest folly. The Old Testament is now married to high tech weapons. The human specie is threatened with extinction because now the Jews have a state to carry out out their lunatic agenda of world domination. Jewish supremacists have prepared a final option to their madness, when the world finally comes to its senses and rejects the racist warmongering bloody state of Israel they will launch their nuclear option on their western hosts.”

    • Jacobson

      U.S is doomed with or without the zionists .

      And you Joe dare to speak on nuclear weapons ?
      The only criminal state in the world that used this evil weapon is U.S.A !
      How many innocent japannese were murdered inorder to give u.s the precedence ?

      Leaders of the free world in my ass .
      Go grab your happy meal and send your daughters naked to school .

      • Joe

        Oh look who’s back, the paid shill JACOBson.

        JACOBson, as you already know, as we speak, the the satanic state of IsraHELL, the stolen land you call home, has been using using nuclear armament on Syria! IsarHELL, with the help of their bought and paid for puppets here in America and around the world, are the key group who were just caught stealing nukes from Texas to use in a false flag on South Carolina more than 1 month ago.

        You are a product of the ADL, Anti Defamation League run by the slimy, fat puke Abe Foxman! As many here are aware, over the many many months, you have used every trick in the book to derail the facts about the Jew Zionists and the hell they have brought to the world.

        Look around JACOBson, people are finally waking up! Drip by drip, day by day, your satanic Zionist
        puke leaders are being isolated and losing their grip. Judgment day will eventually come, so the world can finally move on in a moral, peaceful existence minus your satanic filth!

        • Jacobson

          I don’t care about the state of Israel , But I care about the LAND of Israel .
          I’m not a product of the ADL and other zionist organizations ,
          I don’t care about the the zionist leaders , and I don’t support any of them .

          The big satan , as we all know is U.S –
          You can try to turn it upside down as much as you want but the big satan will always be U.S .

          People are finally waking up and I’m glad to see the countries from the EAST want to return to their natural position .
          The evil west robbed the world , from Africa to China .
          You better read some history and understand that the plants and animals were cultivated in the middle east about 5000 years before France and England .
          The ancient wisdom came from the east and only in the last 500 years , the western countries and the anglo saxons took over the world .

          Thank to your president Omamba , the israelis are waking up to a reality that prove that the only thing u.s is looking for is a strategic position and control over the oil .
          Just today , Avigdor Liberman , from the israeli parliament said that Israel must find new alliances and can’t trust u.s .
          So the “satanic zionist leader” (as I said – I don’t support them) at least talk about the fake alliance with the great satan .

          I’m ready for the judgement day , believe me .
          But you americans better watch out beacuse the biggest mess will be in your evil state .
          Your shallow culture will tear into pieces , the average antipath american will loose control in a collapse .
          Only the deep culture countries will survive –
          countries with long heritage , history , culture and experience .

          And you know what ?
          I don’t care about the american jews , they have and had the option to save their life and arrive to Israel but they choose to stay on the land of the antipathy beacuse DOLLARS RULE THE WORLD .

          Time is very short , believe me when I say it beacuse here , in the holyland , you can feel it and people talk about it everyday .
          The difference is that americans talk about “collapse” beacuse they are cowards who think about their own asses while in Israel , we talk about “salvation” for the people of Israel first and then for all the rest of the world .

      • Moishe

        Haaretz Israel Newspaper:West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel

        Read it & weep Goyim.

        The King’s Torah” that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation.
        Shapiro based the majority of his teachings on passages quoted from the Bible, to which he adds his opinions and beliefs.
        “It is permissible to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

        • Jacobson

          The rabbi can speak for himself .
          He is not the “messanger of god” and can’t speak in the name of Judaism .

          Wanna talk about the rapist pope ?

    • Winston

      Brilliantly said Joe, You hit the nail spot on it’s head! “The Lord is a man of war; Yahweh is his name.” – Exodus 15.3.

      Christians don’t get off the hook as Christ recognized Yahweh as God the Father often read from Old Testament Books which advocate, Jewish supremacy, murder of innocent women & children much like Rothschild’s Israel is doing today.

      In response to Jacobson, The Jews have been in control of The US for many many years through their front organizations, media, money, academia,- FDR was a crypto-Jew had Jewish handlers such as brandeis & dropped the A-Bomb as a burnt offering to their god satan.

      • Jacobson

        You can’t understand the bible if you can speak hebrew ,
        the only thing you read is a perspective of the translator .

        There’s no such thing “judaism” .
        It was created by christians . “Jews” are not mentioned in the Torah .
        The only thing I know is “israelites” “the people of israel” “the children of israel” and the most important thing “Torat Israel” – the bible of Israel .

        Christ was skewered on a tree 2000 years ago .
        Who cares about him ?!?!
        Millions were murdered in his name , lands stole and kids were raped and others were force to accept him as god .
        His mom was raped by a roman soldier and was too shy to admit it .
        virgin , yeah right .

      • Jacobson

        And you can keep blame the jews .
        It’s your brain who is looking for a detour to the evil crimes anglo saxons made .

        It’s not “us” , “we” are good .
        It’s “them” , “they” are the bad .
        Like a 5 year old kid .
        An enlightened person will never look for others to blame .
        And you better prepare instead of blaming the jews beacuse anyway it won’t help you .
        U.S will be a term in history books , like the romans , the babylonians etc .

  • AgShaman

    Par excellence podcast.

    Well done fellas.

    Covered many questions I had myself.

    Thanks again.

  • syd

    am currently listening to this youtube video… at the 17:22 mark in, you bring up an article you posted entitled,”LIFE CHANGING INFO Satanists Like The Rothschilds DON’T Want YOU to KNOW: YOU ARE PRECIOUS & SPECIAL — Does Our DNA PROVE The Universe Was ‘CREATED’?” so i paused the video momentarily to check it out and bookmark it, and read the sub-title (in the form of a quote) just below the article’s title, which reads, “As you look at DNA it actually cries out, ‘In the beginning God created the universe.”

    ergo, it is with MUCH delight and pleasure that i share with you, based on that sub-title/quote, this link to a chart that maps just ONE, ONE, mind you, of countless biochemical pathways that occur within the human body according to the Creator’s express design to make us all functionally alive…its presented in a grid fashion, so that any crossing of a column with a row pinpoints an independent link to a close-up image of that specific portion of the pathway…simplicity and complexity beyond imagining in all its mutual glory and splendor…after you explore it for awhile? ask yourself that question again. i believe you’ll be left without a doubt that this sub-title/quote is undeniably true. enjoy, and may the Lord God continue to bless you in your ministry to us all, sir!

  • winston

    Has anyone noticed SGT censoring commentary? No profanity only an opposing point of view, I was under the presumption that the 1st amendment of The US Constitution is specifically in place to allow un-popular speech, at least that’s what it used to mean? It reminds me of the Holocaust denial laws in 18 European socalist nations. Very sad how those who profess to be for truth than fear investigation.

    • MRH

      Winston, you are mistaken about SGT “censoring commentary”. Each new person that posts a comment is reviewed–I review a great number of those comments and ONLY censor spam–you know people that are trying to post an advertisement as a “comment”. Hate language is not welcome either–there are plenty of places on the internet or in the real world for people to spread their brand of hate–it is not welcome here.

      As you noticed in your comment, NOT ONE WORD was changed, edited or otherwise removed.

  • This was great like always! We should fight against the disastrous US Monetary Policy by taking our money in our own hands!

    Keep Calm and Buy Silver!

    Also found this awesome shirt!

    • Ed_B

      Cool shirt but I would not be running around, wearing a sign like that to tell thieves what I have. That’s just an invitation asking them to follow the wearer home and then plunder their silver and any other goodies they may have. Paranoia or common sense? Everyone reading this can decide that issue for themselves. 🙂

  • RIP

    I would much rather own a T-Shirt that gets to the root of the problem, If American’s knew they would understand who & why to buy silver……

  • I was very interested in SGT’s reflection about how all these attacks on humanity almost seem to be directed by alien entities. I often wonder why these evil Luciferians are shit-canning their own planet. Even the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have to breathe the same air we do that has been polluted with chem trails and industrial discharge. On the other hand I don’t believe we have aliens flitting around the planet for the simple reason that there has been an obvious campaign in the media for years and years to convince everyone that they do exist. It stinks of MK Ultra and herding the world into one world government with some Messiah created by Hollywood. I believe they have invested years and millions of dollars into this project.

  • karate kid

    7 years ago I talked to a guy at the veterans hospital he was charged with finding out how much money you have to get veterns benefits.
    he told me their will be universal health care in a few years
    hands on experiances folks
    I said how do you know .he said we have already been informed
    this will happen
    obamacare was written yers before the collapse of 2008

    just like the market collapse that’s coming and the police being armed to the teeth
    they already know
    my point folks is
    the government is guilty of treason they know it .
    it will take jesus to save us
    our time is running out.
    gold and silver are the only money worth having
    nothing has changed

    obamacare opt out pay in cash or don’t pay at all
    all they can to is add more days no one can save you from deat
    we will all die
    yes they are criminal but unfortunetly they will only be held accountable when they burn in hell

  • Troy

    I was looking outside today while at work. They were turning my blue sky grey again…same o same o.

  • Troy

    Heads up for preppers. Wal-Mart is now carrying Keystone canned meat. Turkey, chicken, beef, pork. All have a 5 year shelf life “taste life” BUT truth is, if kept stored properly can last for decades… I have been buying tons of the stuff. It is more expensive than most canned meats, but it is very good quality, and is only packed in sea salt…no artificial stuff at all. If you have a few hundred cans of this stuff along with other canned fruits and veggies…you should be good for food for a while during a shtf. I have around 5000 canned products “tuna, corn, peas green beans, pint and kidney”, 50 mountain house #10 cans, lots of pasta and spaghetti sauce, 1000 lbs of white and wild rice, 800 lbs of organic hard white wheat, large amount of 5 part organic sprouting seeds for fresh sprouts even during winter months, Wise and Mountain House variety packs cases. When you have a crapload of food, its a good feeling…I really mean that.

  • knowtoomuch

    @Jacobson : You’ve got a really distorted view on the world as it is today.
    I’ld even say you’re a bit sick, man !

    So just go see the doctor :

    By the way, are you a fan of soccer ?
    Well, than this should do it for you :

    • Jacobson

      u.s.a. is the land of the antipathy . A man can’t even speak with people on the street without knowing them .

      The most fat nation in the world .
      The people who responsible for creating the #1 toxic : CocaCola .
      The people who created the reality shows but can’t understand the reality .
      The biggest creators of weapons , debt , and hedonist lifestyle .

      As many say , u.s will sink under the ocean .
      You all can blame the jews as much as you want , you can say its only the rothschilds and you are the simple honest and modest ave’ americans but thats a LIE !
      you are all part of the game , the most filthy game : USA .
      A stolen land with a fat anglo saxons who came from europe and kicked the natives out .
      Then , just like a true anglo saxons you raped the world and robbed the resources and now there are half billion people around me who have nothing to eat but americans still enjoy the phillidelphia cheese and stakes .
      The track to hell is where you are , and europians as well .
      But europeans are planning an holocaust to the muslims – But this time the muslims will kick back .

      Good luck you stupid racist morons !
      I hope after the judgement day you wouldn’t use the name of god while spreading your filth in the world .

  • Raul

    This would be cataclysmic……………..,

  • Raul

    Dr. Michael Hoffman Schools Alex Jones On Zionsm Infowars…..Excellent Interview!

  • petedivine

    Excellent interview. I love Gerald Cellente. Everytime I hear him speak I gain additional insight into the malignancy that is gripping the nation. Like you I’m not sure how one battles a beast of such magnitude. I like to think that the forces of internal nobility will shine and save the day, but history tells us we will be facing a much darker reality in the years ahead. I appreciate the gift of knowledge that you bring to your readership. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is much hope for the Republic. It was co-opted by greed and corruption long ago. However, with the knowledge that your site and others contribute to the internet. I now have the power to make my local reality much brighter and hopefully safer then it otherwise would be.

    Fyi made a purchase from Provident Metals. Very pleased with the transaction. I used the SGT link to access their site. Trying to support those organizations that support like minded people.

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