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Stunning Bullion Bank Moves As LBMA & Comex Implode

from KingWorldNews:

Eric King: “Bill, what’s the set up now from these guys? What are they (banks) up to next (in the gold market)?”

Kaye: “What we do know, and this is very bullish, major bullion banks led by JP Morgan, which is the largest player, are now very long gold.”

William Kaye continues @

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3 comments to Stunning Bullion Bank Moves As LBMA & Comex Implode

  • Frank Zak

    Everyone thinks the drop below $1250 gold
    was a breakdown. But $1228 as the actually the key number hit
    in the access markets Monday.

    Everyone thinks this last few day are a typical snapback
    up to $1250.

    There is a 25% chance the gold market bottomed at $1228.

    Those aren’t good odds, but it is possible.

    A mirror will occur in 3 weeks, including this week,
    off the weekly gold charts on proprietary systems.

    That could be a nice place for an up move, also.

  • Frank Zak

    In the next decade there will be two classes
    of people.

    Those that own their houses and those that don’t.

    Those that own gold and those that don’t.

    Populations are rising.

    More rich people and more poor people.

  • 8Ball

    Eric King has been “stunned” so often that he appears to be in a permanent state of punch-drunkeness… All of his multi-decade market legends cannot make sense of what is happening because it is all manipulation, there is no “normal” market action. In this environment it is anyone’s guess as to what is will happen. CLUE: it is not going to be good. I predict that over half of the so-called “experts” quoted on KWN are going to get their clocks cleaned because they are guessing… they have no clue about the future and their constantly hyped “the sky is about to fall” predictions are meaningless.

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