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Stop the Cruelest Cuts!

from TheBigPictureRT:

According to Forbes magazine – President Obama is no longer the most powerful person in the world – yet another sign that America is in a rapid state of decline. So what can be done to restore the values that our Founding Fathers fought and died for?

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9 comments to Stop the Cruelest Cuts!

  • D the Phat Wun

    Had to stop watching it. They blamed the Republicraps. It’s both the Republicraps and Demoncraps who are responsible.

    That said, it is good that the Chief Occupier of the Whine Haus has slipped to #2 behind Putin. Even then, that’s too much power and responsibility for the man-child Chief Occupier. Does anyone really want him to start WW III?

  • Rhea White

    Stop lying to the people. It is not the republicans. It is a show European government, including private bankers, who are causing all of the trouble all around us. The US is neither great nor rich, either. If that were the case, there would be no debt. For years, this government, as well as private citizens and businesses, have been gradually setting this nation up for all that is now developing. Stop lying to the people. All of the troubles facing all of us, is by design, and is being intentionally done.

    • Ed_B

      It is basic classic economics that one cannot borrow a better lifestyle. Only the lenders achieve a better lifestyle when people borrow money. The only exception to this is when money is borrowed to expand a successful business because doing that actually earns its keep. Borrowing money to buy depreciating assets is a fool’s game.

  • Rhea White

    In support of my previous comment, I offer the following. Look back at Germany, when Judea Declared War Against Germany (look up the documentary). Judea also migrated to the USA, and immediately commenced building their evil, corrupt system of government just like the one they had in Germany. When I speak of Judea, I refer, specifically, to the jews (who are neither semitic nor a race (jews are actually European)). In 1912, these holocaust survivors plotted their takeover of the US banking system, and proceeded to take over everything else, as they did in Germany. But, what they did not want any of us to know was that, “they had also declared war against the USA, as did they in Germany). The main people, constantly, dictating which country should be forced into war, for whatever reason, are the jews. This is why the US is always at war with other countries. Jews took over the US government, also. And, now, we are all labeled terrorist by these people. Stop lying to the people. We only seek truth and peace.

  • Sheryl Jacobs

    Here!!Here!! to the comments before mine!! Just who is this guy working for??
    Everyone I know whether, Dem. or Repub., are sick and tired of the lies and also
    this divide and conquer strategy. I am all for getting rid of the banksters stranglehold on every nation on earth. We are waking up as a citizen world and
    it will keep growing until a new pattern is set for the good of the people.

    You Sir, can fall off a cliff with those who own you!!

  • Good lord, Hartmann is such a hack; can’t stand this fool. Not only does he still cling to the left/right facade, but he laments that the POTUS is no longer the most powerful man in the world — as if that were bad! That this dude still has an audience is why this country is going down.

  • Suzanne

    Really one-sided… forgets about how Clinton enacted NAFTA to offshore our jobs, removed Glass-Steagall and all the anti-trust acts, brought in the stock modernization act to legitimize derivatives, and put liars loans on steroids.

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