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SPLC and Raw Story Blame “Patriots” for the LAX Shooting

by Kurt Nimmo, Prison Planet:

The Paul Ciancia [NOTE: “CIAnCIA”] story is custom-made for the likes of the SPLC, Raw Story, and the rest of government-loving cheerleaders who are constantly on the lookout for “right-wing” predators to pin their hysterical false left-right paradigm theories on.

On Saturday, the Southern Poverty Law Center put it all into focus for us. The LAX shooter “was carrying a one-page ‘manifesto’ that included references to the ‘New World Order,’ the Federal Reserve and ‘fiat currency,’ according to a knowledgeable source with ranking law enforcement contacts,” writes Mark Potok.

Potok and the SPLC insinuate that Ciancia is a “patriot” ideologically connected to the those of us who believe the TSA is an unconstitutional Gestapo-like manifestation of an out of control police state. It will be more difficult to criticize the TSA now that one of their own has been gunned down by somebody who supposedly carried the banner of the patriot movement.

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3 comments to SPLC and Raw Story Blame “Patriots” for the LAX Shooting

  • Marty

    Not an assault rifle. A semi automatic rifle.

  • RealChanges

    From all I hear, it was a man dressed in dark clothes, or “like a tsa agent” or in “camo” and the firearm was a AR15, M1 Carbine, AR17, Shotgun, or shotgun and pistol depending on the news (sic)

    I guess he was 23, 24, 29, 27, or 39

    I still ain’t clear if he’s captured and shot, captured and stabbed, captured and beaten, or captured and dead.

    OH and he’s packing NWO notes, or has twitter notes, or email notes, or has been publishing website notes about the NWO which doesn’t exist, isn’t the banksters, isn’t the oath breakers.

    Because everyone knows democracy (forget pesky constitutional republic) is swell and enjoying this wonderful recovery. So please stop walking in front of the barrel of law enforcement guns, please stop building homes at the wrong address they want to raid, please stop buying pitbulls, and quit having children which keep getting in the way of neighborhood police bullets, and do not bother with a front or back doors, or windows to your home, they’re only an annoyance which angers the swat team from getting the FLIR, helicopter lights, pepper spray, flash bangs, 50MM bullets and clubs in.

    (dang I almost sound like James Corbett – lol)

    I would like to take a moment to remind everyone, that with the NSA spying, this kid, could have had his data spied on, NSA found something BAD on him, then blackmail him to Write a note and go on a killing spree or they would kill his family. What would you do? And how can we all make sure this doesn’t happen?

    The only way I see this happening is De-Activate the NSA and arrest the oath breakers

  • Meat Eater

    Blame ‘Patriots’?

    So are Patriots to become the new Muslims (who were in themselves the new Jews) and targeted without mercy?

    Hmm, I better keep children away from any open air wedding parties with all those new drones yet to be tried out……. after all we have seen what popular targets children are at wedding parties in Pakistan and Afghanistan……..

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