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By Matt Patterson, The Burning Platform:

When I see the faux journalism like the story below in a liberal rag like Slate, I realize that facts, truth, perspective, and honesty mean nothing to people with an agenda and a story-line to sell. Slate and the pitiful excuse for a journalist decided they were going to write a story detailing the horror of food stamp “cuts” and they sought out a person who fit their sob story. The theme of the story was going to be starving poor people, drastic cuts, and blaming those dreaded Teabaggers for this tragedy. And anyone who wants to believe the drivel in this article will be highly satisfied. It doesn’t matter that the facts do not support the thesis and selecting one person to represent the plight of all 47 million food stamp recipients is the classic methodology of liberals. We should always create a national program or policy based on the circumstances of one person. The multitude of stories about SNAP fraud, the abandoned carts in Wal-Mart when the FSA were going to get caught cheating, and ongoing campaign to sign people up for SNAP when they didn’t have any intention of seeking this assistance aren’t even mentioned. The personal observations by thousands of people about the kinds of food purchased with EBT cards are nothing but racist rants by Tea Partiers according to the liberal MSM.

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  • Rhea White

    What I can see is that, we are all under this huge system of piracy, and these pirates have stolen everything, and instead of, just sailing away, they have instituted a system or cycle of dependence, so that they can repeatedly steal from us. The definition of employment: “to use”. These people “use us” then pretend to pay us with fake, fiat scrip that is no more valuable than a Safeway coupon. The entire system, of course, is just one big fraud, but, we have been indoctrinated, brainwashed and mind controlled into the false belief that the con game is real.
    These people use us for our skills, labor and creativity, while taking all the credit and enjoy all the benefits that we produce for them. We are all products that they buy and sell. This applies equally to those on welfare. J.P. Morgan issues the SNAP benefits all over the country, no matter what it is called. So, poverty is also profitable for these people. The blame is rightly placed on the pirates who benefit from “all of us”. No one is better, or any different in this system. We are all “employed”. Everything has been stolen from us all, we are all in a cycle of poverty. We all get “benefits” that come from these pirates.

  • andrew james

    I don’t remember any buddy bitching about Bush Clinton and Bush sending our jobs over seas to China. I don’t remember anybody forming a consumer boycott of China Mexico Pakistan etc…when our jobs went over seas. Now this guy is proud that his son works at dunkin donuts. What a prick.

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