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Silver Fundamentals from a Historian’s Perspective

from Deviant Investor:

He sees silver fundamentals from the perspective of a historian and as an astute observer of present conditions. He studies the drivers of the silver market, supply, demand, mining, inflation, investment sentiment, central bank bond monetization policies, and politics.

What does he think?

Demand for silver is strong!

Silver Demand As Guide for Silver’s Next Price Move

“Yesterday, the US Mint confirmed a record year for sales of silver coins– and we still have six weeks in the year to go. Yes, the roughly 40 million ounces of silver only accounts for maybe 5% of overall demand, but it also represents a huge increase from a decade ago when it comes to investor interest in physical metal. In fact, globally, silver investment demand is up essentially from ZERO just 10 short years ago (take some time to allow that to sink in when thinking about the change in investor sentiment toward precious metals in recent years.)

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3 comments to Silver Fundamentals from a Historian’s Perspective

  • Frank Zak

    117.20 is tomorrows number on gold.

  • Frank Zak

    GLD that is. GLD controls the market,
    not the Comex.

    I recommend not selling any of your metals from
    now on, despite the fact we broke the major
    proprietary number on the downside today.

    Silver is looking good. Why ? It wants to break loose
    and run up. Any downfall even to $1040 gold,
    will see silver violently retrace this correction.

    Look to cost average in.

  • DK

    You got any books you can recommend on the concepts you’re talking about, Frank?

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