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SEE THIS: Is One World Trade Center In New York City Topped With A Muslim Minaret?

from Before Its News:

Whatever side of the conspiracy you find yourself on, there are certain facts that are not up for dispute. On 09,11.01 the twin towers of the world trade were brought down by Muslims flying jetliners into the sides of the buildings, and bringing them down in massive explosions. This one, single act brought Muslim Islamic terrorism front and center on the world stage and it has not left us for a moment since then.

The New World Order has used that event to bring us along on the the forward march into an American police state. Within one year of the bombings, Verichip Corp released the implantable RFID microchip. Then came the Patriot Act, followed at the same time with the invasion of Iraq and Afganistan in the Middle East. Nazi-style checkpoints were created at all airports and transportation areas. Anyone wanting to fly anywhere in America must submit themselves to the molestation of the TSA gestapos. Obama’s NSA taps all cell phone communications, Internet, text messaging and social media to store them in the digital concentration camps of places like the Utah Data Center. Nearly every major intersection now has 24 hour “red light cameras” to record who comes and goes.

America is on permanent lockdown, and no one seems to care.

Claiming victory for Islam

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3 comments to SEE THIS: Is One World Trade Center In New York City Topped With A Muslim Minaret?

  • Meat Eater

    More hate filled anti-Muslim shit, and which member of the SGT team keeps posting it I wonder?

    All the evidence for the vast majority of wars, criminality, banksterism, and general evil that takes place on this planet falls at the feet of the US and UK elite. But you dont get let off by blaming the elite – none of their aims would be possible unless for the most part, thier ignorant, violent, war loving, death honoring, pig stupid, hoorahing populations did not buy into it.

    Yes, you can blame the Muslims for everything (most americans and british didnt even know they even existed prior to the US and UK invasion of Iraq by the way), then if that fails you can always blame the Jews. Dont like the truth? then blame the blacks, or the mexicans – is not that the American way – blame everyone else except yourself?

  • solar toad

    If you have irrefutable proof that “the twin towers of the world trade were brought down by Muslims”, you need to show that proof. The problem is, you don’t have any proof because it didn’t (and could not have) happen that way.

    In over 12 years I’ve never found a trace of evidence that “muslims” did 9/11. I have found evidence that people from Elite groups were involved, it was partly “inside” job and partly external forces. This is well know through out the world as well as our government. Anyone with any kind of intelligence would never believe the Bush version of events, which they had on every news station before the sun set on 9/11…and that version has never changed since. I know someone well connected and works in DC and he said that EVERYONE knows it was an inside job. Anyone that talks about it gets fired and loses their career.

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