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Sandy Hook Police Ordered to Stand Down?

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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4 comments to Sandy Hook Police Ordered to Stand Down?

  • Pippi

    Let’s see-no one ever saw any bodies (except one with it’s face covered)
    There was no blood ever seen in spite of the fact that 26 people were killed.
    None of the agencies that clean up blood ever cleaned up any blood
    The parents showed a complete absence of grief, some even laughing and smiling
    No death certificates
    Odd behavior of medical examiner-evasiveness, odd affect.
    No children transported to hospital to be pronounced dead
    No autopsies, no forensic exams, no photographic evidence
    School torn down so the lack of blood could not be proven
    Lots of the photos of kids are so obviously photoshopped-missing limbs, distorted shadows
    Pictures from above show “parents” and community members walking in a circle around the building-out on door and around the building into another door. Round and round they go.
    All families new to neighborhood
    All families more concerned about gun control that they are their dead children.
    Families that work professional jobs in surrounding cities all show up in jeans and t-shirts-not a suit or heels to be seen.
    Extra man in camo in woods was going in to help his small child make gingerbread men. I always do that by sneaking thru the woods and wearing camo…
    Cameras on school removed.
    No audio released.
    Still think it really happened???

  • AgShaman

    Adam’s 1st trigger word took him to the school. Then he was let in by one of the 2 accomplices. Adam was then given a cell phone, whereby his MK handler could give him the next trigger word that led him to go on a “shooting walk-about” inside the school. That’s how I see it unfolding. They can’t release the video footage because the media wants you to believe he kicked/broke in the locked door by himself.

    I don’t believe Adam had anywhere close to the physicality to carry all the gear he was “reported” to be carrying and still be able to break into the school.

    I’m quite sure Adam needed help. You will never see any of the footage. That’s how you know the lies are being kept by the 4th Branch.

  • dan


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