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Resolve: The Ultimate Survival Attribute

by Talon Flyer, Survival Blog:

Ask yourself this question: “Do I really think I could use deadly force against someone to protect my family?” Most, (if not all reading this) quickly respond with a resounding YES! In fact, you may even have fantasized about scenarios where that might happen; usually in the context of “what would I do if…” One has to plan for every contingency, right?
The thing is, these fantasies are usually on the same level as a Hollywood movie—contain some sense of bravado—and almost always leave you feeling like somewhat of a hero. There are those who are unnerved about this and find themselves with a slightly different feeling in the end, but in my experience those who fall into the category of “preppers” or “survivalists” are of the mindset that protecting their families is a no-brainer and very straight forward… “Bang.”

First, let me preface the remainder of this article with a simple statement: This is not about gun control, it’s not about teaching you to be a trained killer, and it’s certainly not about advocating a position of appeasement. It’s about Resolve. It’s about getting Resolve.

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1 comment to Resolve: The Ultimate Survival Attribute

  • Ed_B

    “The thing is, these fantasies are usually on the same level as a Hollywood movie…”

    Well, what of it? It’s difficult to come up with a willing perp when one needs to test their resolve. lol

    My thought is that what matters most is that one has the training to use a weapon appropriately and effectively and the courage to do so when necessary. Another thing is to examine how we will respond to a possible self-defense situation BEFORE it occurs, even if that requires some “fantasizing”. I have considered this carefully many times. I have my response planned for multiple possibilities, so if a confrontation occurs, I will not be wasting critical seconds figuring out what to do.

    Like most people, I am not looking forward to this and will take no joy from it if it occurs. But planning for such a critical event is necessary if one is to survive.

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