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If you, like I, have brainwashed, intellectually dishonest, “liberal” friends who still insist on giving Barack Obama a pass for every horrible, often criminal thing he has ever done, you might want to make them aware of this additional fact.

According to Senator Rand Paul, who spoke at a luncheon in Charleston, South Carolina on Monday, November 11, the President of the United States himself wrote the regulation to cancel the health insurance of MILLIONS of Americans. And every single Democrat voted for it.

Rand Paul on Obamacare [Begins @ 5:40]:

I’m still learning about it. It’s 20,000 pages of regulations. The Bill was 2,000 pages and I didn’t realize this until this week, the whole idea of you losing or getting your insurance cancelled wasn’t in the original Obamacare. It was a regulation WRITTEN BY PRESIDENT OBAMA, three months later. So we had a vote, this is before I got up there. The Republicans had a vote to try to cancel that regulation so you COULDN’T BE CANCELLED, to grandfather everybody in. You know what the vote was? Straight party line. EVERY DEMOCRAT VOTED TO KEEP THE RULE THAT CANCELS YOUR INSURANCE.

As the now 20,000+ Obamacare pages come home to roost, remind those who have continued to support the Liar-in-Chief, regardless of his crimes, of this simple fact: The man who sits in the Oval Office (when he’s not on a golf course), and the Party to which they have pledged their unquestioning allegiance, has now wholly betrayed them. And their children.

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  • Hondo Stalwart

    So now what? … despotism settling in?? … we are like chimps in a cage

  • Bombshell- Obama goes nowhere, he and his minions still destroy USA.

  • Warp

    Randal is showing himself to be either oblivious or willfully ignorant.

    Three words:

    He is not his father.

  • John

    I don’t bother paying attention any longer.. I mean does it make any difference who the puppet is? They’ll tell you what you want to hear, and then they’ll give you more debt and death…. The entire system is a fraud… Rand is not going to save us, we’ll have to do that for ourselves.. Sooner or later the people will realize that, hopefully it won’t be too late..

  • rico

    Why should this surprise anyone? Romney would have done the same thing in a different way. The two party system exists only to provide you with the ILLUSION that you have a CHOICE when you VOTE. The candidate who WILL be SELECTED has been chosen for you and the media theater that is put on for you to think you made the choice is simply entertainment for them. Wake up America before it is too late and this CHARLATAN and his band of IDIOTS have destroyed each and every vestige of this once great nation. You want Russia, hit the SNOOZE BUTTON AGAIN!

    • Lindy Combs

      Dr. Ron Paul was the right ticket but the media made sure a lot of people never heard of him. He could have turned our country around. Yadda-yadda…now we have constant distraction with people in entertainment (so-called), with who wears what, the latest twerk, and people are sucked into more darkness. The frog in the water is snoring.

  • Jacobson

    Life is hard huh ?
    Health insurance , wow , most people in the world don’t know what is it .

    Better get used to it .

  • Alan

    Is there some I can get a pdf of those 20,000 pages of regulations on obama care. Enjoy the articles keep up the good work. Alan

    • SGT

      You will want to ask your Congressman for a copy, or a link to the monstrosity. And, if he or she voted for it, give him a piece of your mind while you’re at it.

  • Ed_B

    Some get used to grabbing their ankles on command and some never do.

  • B.M.

    So where’s the call for treason and impeachment, Rand? Why aren’t you leading the charge to get this guy OUT of the White House immediately?

    Seems all of the Republican “leaders” are more interested in playing along to get along than doing the hard, tough, right thing by removing the current traitor in chief and his mafia administration from Washington D.C.

  • Spore

    Well so what. No one in the lame stream media is calling for a repeal of Democrat Death Care or DDC. Everything stays the same and DDC marches on, again thanks to the lame stream media.

  • rich

    rand paul is never going to be Ron Paul.

    Rand Paul: We Need to Make Our Military Stronger

  • karate kid

    the point is gold is at 1260 and silver is cheap
    greatest deal in history

    the dog and pony show is on

  • Buddy

    Let the peoples common law grand jury which is about to take down the current corporate governments in the USA take back our country.

  • Could he be more specific about where it is in the bill so we can look it up?

  • Ken

    So Rand comes out with a bombshell about how Obama actually WROTE a provision cancelling American’s heathcare, all the while telling us we could keep it,


    …the only posts on here are people bitching about Rand Paul.

    You people are either terminally stupid, or you are a gaggle of paid government trolls.


  • Flip Morgan

    I think I read this speech on Wikipedia.

  • Eileen K.

    No POTUS, not even Obama, can write laws; only Congress can. What Obama did is illegal. He did not write this as an Executive Order; so this piece of “legislation” is null and void.

    Therefore, people who already have health insurance may keep their coverage; and the insurance companies are not allowed to cancel them, especially since Obama illegally wrote a piece of legislation reserved only for Congress.

  • Harry Beaver

    Chimp in a cage?

    That would be Obama, the primate-in-chief.

  • Bill L.

    Rand Paul’s statement that “the whole idea of you losing or getting your insurance cancelled wasn’t in the original Obamacare. It was a regulation WRITTEN BY PRESIDENT OBAMA, three months later.” Should not be understood to mean that the President PERSONALLY wrote the regulation but the rule to govern the “grandfather clause” in the ACA was written by the Department of HHS and other federal agencies. See quote below from

    “The grandfather clause is a provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that seeks to keep a key promise made to citizens by the Obama administration: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” But interim final rules handed down by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other federal agencies June 17, 2010, appear likely to frustrate the intent of the law and hamstring employers’ ability to offer the best coverage options in a cost-effective manner. In adopting an overly restrictive interpretation of the grandfather clause, the rules essentially diminish employer flexibility to make plan design changes by tying allowable changes to current plan structures.”

  • Jon Carlson

    The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 40
    Get Your German Spies Scorecard

  • Deb

    Bill L – don’t try to explain, people believe what they want to believe.
    Did Rand Paul actually say this, or did he plagiarize it from somebody else………that’s what he does. Or did he give himself another “board certification” like he did in KY saying he was a Board Certified Ophthalmologist – by creating his own Board to certify himself when the official Board would not certify him. I don’t pay any attention to anything Rand says since he either stole it from somebody else, or he’s out and out lying.

    • Bill L.

      Thanks Deb… on the RP “quote” I know, I know…We are a nation of sheeple! My old Dad told me 60 years ago (I’m 75) “Bill these (Texas) politicians are so crooked they have to screw their clothes on.” Looks like all the crooked politicians are not restricted to Texas!

  • Tom in Tempe Arizona

    Obammy has NEVER written anything. His so called books were ghost written by Ayers. He is a puppet doing what his bankster masters tell him to do. These bills are all written by lobiests and corporate lawyers

  • Bill L.

    Deb, I did a little poking around and found this posted by CBS News back in June of 2010on R Paul’s KY Board Certified Ophthalmologist question:

    Asi es la vida!

  • Deb

    Right, but you never see it posted much that Rand has a bogus board certification. I hope his poor patients knew that!! How would you like to have laser surgery for cataracts, etc. by this creep. Not fond of Obama. He should have held out for the one payer system for healthcare, that way you negotiate price like other civilized industrial countries do……..tell the pharmaceutical company…..we have so many millions of customers, here’s what we’re going to pay for this drug……..don’t like it, you lose millions of customers. Works for me.

  • Don Uber

    Man the disinformation keeps flowing. Perhaps there will be a day when our President isn’t treated like the first black member of a Kentucky Golf Club the day after desegregation.

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