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PETER SCHIFF: Sound Money & Limited Government = MAX PROSPERITY

Peter Schiff, author, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and host of The Peter Schiff Show joins me to discuss the Federal Reserve, the impending collapse of the United States, and all things Obamacare.

As for the Fed’s recent announcement that QE will continue unabated Peter says, “The Fed will keep blowing air into the bubble until it bursts and the only thing that will stop them is a currency crisis… The Fed has to maintain the illusion and the only way to do that is with the drug of QE.”

On Obamacare and government entitlements Peter says, “We once had a great free market economy that was the envy of the world. People were coming here from all over the world to participate in FREEDOM. We had limited government and maximum prosperity. Even though we had no government benefits at all, the poor people from all over the world wanted to come here. Why did so many poor people want to come to a country with no welfare benefits, no medicare and no food stamps? Because they knew that the best way to get out of poverty was the OPPORTUNITY to work in a FREE MARKET… We had a great country and we screwed it up.

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43 comments to PETER SCHIFF: Sound Money & Limited Government = MAX PROSPERITY

  • Tim

    Great interview, Sean. I like that music in the beginning. I felt like I was at a movie theater.

  • Steve_D

    Limited Government will always grow to the full blown tyranny we have today, it’s like being just a little bit pregnant, not possible.

    • Ed_B

      The good news, Steve, is that the tyranny we see today is not “full blown”. We still have opportunities to make meaningful changes in the government and how it works. This is mostly true with local government, such as city and town councils, county sheriffs, and other entities that operate below the state level. This is where we need to concentrate our efforts. As local politics is changed, that change will rise through the higher echelons of government. This will work because this is the same strategy that was used to screw up this country. Start small and work our way up to larger government entities. Yes, it is slow and takes a lot of effort but if we do not do this then we will see full blown tyranny that will be indistinguishable from those in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, Soviet Russia, Cuba, and many other places where the citizens are completely owned by the government in every possible way. We aren’t there yet but the trend IS in that direction. All that it requires for full implementation is that the good people who love liberty do nothing and allow it to happen.

      Now, if I am wrong about this, then there is no hope, the game is well and truly over, and we all might just as well pack up and head for the nearest FEMA camp to sign in. I truly hope and pray that I am not wrong about this.

    • prestodo

      Exactly right Steve, that is why a Self-Sustained Protectorate is necessary, not a government. I guess people just love repeating the mistakes of history over and over and over and over and over and over. But, I have learned from history, and consequently, I do things differently. I don’t vote because I would be lending legitimacy to an illegitimate system. Everybody likes to complain about government by saying “government this, and government that, blah blah blah…” They will complain and complain, but they still go to vote! Like voting is going to make things better. When you have government in place, it is rule by absolute authority, nothing less. The term “limited government” is truly an oxymoron; there is no such thing. This is why the central authority of the state must be placed into a Self-Sustained Protectorate rather than a government. Otherwise, history will repeat.

  • Isaac

    Very good interview. Schiff explains, in a nuts and bolts manner, the things that ail us, paying particular attention to the ObamaCare monstrosity.

    He presents tried and true solutions, things that had once been part and parcel of the American way.

    However, it’s clear that Schiff is looking to the very system that put us in this predicament to get us out of it.

    Sorry, my faith in the Great Satan departed long ago, when the system was hijacked by the very criminal syndicate that remains firmly entrenched today. It’s very nature is to manipulate, rape, imprison, and, when we are no longer of use, kill us.

    Schiff could talk about Rand Paul until he’s blue in the face. If we’re gonna have any hope of surviving the coming times, each one of us must think outside the box AS INDIVIDUALS, not as America, Inc. Paul, and the system he represents, could hardly be considered thinking outside the box, as hard a pill as that may be for some to swallow.

    • Tim

      Good points. I’ll be very surprised if we make it to 2016.

    • John

      I totally agree, and not a mention of Silver by Peter Schiff.. This leads me to the Chris Duanne video about bringing in the Gold Standard, as Jim Sinclair mentioned. It keeps the power with the status quo.. Is this what we want?? Not me!!

      • JC


        You and me both. That was the most disappointing thing about Peter’s interview, i.e. his failure to condemn the FED as a the evil criminal cartel syndicate that it is. I get it though, he’s learned his father’s lesson well and doesn’t want to upset what is now a comfortable life. Let’s hope he’ll step it up post collapse and be part of the people’s movement as opposed to the banker’s gold standard movement.

        • Isaac

          I think the reality of the situation is that China will introduce a (partially?) gold-backed currency, one that will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

          Though this appears to be a refreshing change, I think the million dollar question (no pun intended) is whether China is just another Rothschild-controlled syndicate, or something entirely different. And how will the average American PM holder (gold AND silver) play into and benefit in this new paradigm.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing it, just throwing it out as food for thought. Surely, Schiff is aware of what’s coming in this regard, but he rarely goes there.

          • The

            If you want to know who really controls China, Just look at the flag. Get the history on it and you will see the GREAT MOTHER HARLOT all over it. Just look at the symbols/colors etc. Be not deceived, none of these countries and their leaders is looking out for any of our best interests. We can only use them as pieces of the puzzle as for the great signs to come as is written.

  • billybob

    Wow, another superb interview. Thanks Sean!

  • Paul T

    Peter Schiff is the man, period. His track record speaks for itself. When everybody was wrong, he was right. This man sees what’s coming clearer than anyone in the truth movement, and he keeps it simple. He never goes into the conspiracy side of it, which I like. Just when u thought Sean was going a little nuts by posting Lindsey Williams, he goes and pulls out Peter Schiff…and totally redeems himself! : ) you’re alright Sean. I don’t care what they say about u! When Peter Schiff talks about economics, bow down to the master. Nuff said.

  • Mark S Mann

    Great Interview Sean! It’s nice to listen to a Peter Schiff interview when someone is asking interesting questions, and giving him time to respond with out cutting him off or being argumentative. Many times (just like when Gerald Celente is on a show) Peter Schiff is used to be the “bad guy” or doom and gloom-er and people try and argue with him, and everyone ends up shouting over each other.

    I really like and respect Schiff. Kerry Lutz just did another great interview with Schiff a few days ago. Check it out at Financial Survival Network.

    With that said, ( and I am not trying to be negative here) I don’t agree Schiff on that any one man …or even small group of men… elected into political offices or President can change the ultimate course the impending crash this nation and its economy are head for. A Rand Paul may be able to buy us time and maybe even possibly soften few of the blows, but not prevent it. Even if he was able to expand his sphere of influence by loading more Libertarian types into positions of power, it would still be very difficult to change course at this point.

    George Carlin said it best: “The pile of shit is just too big,… and to do it, ALL? And… there are forces that don’t want that to happen.” The PTB would never allow it.
    People would get dead. Ask Team Clinton and company…they are very good at it. The list is long.

    Speaking of Bob Chapman, he said someone like a Rand Paul type in the Presidency would be assassinated. I agree with that. It’s not like it never happened 2 times before. His monetary policy would surely earn him a place as the 3rd president in history to go that way. And the “PTB” would probably blame it on someone who they want to be the next scapegoat. Maybe even people like us.

    In the end, all we really have 100% control over is our own actions and how we chose to live. I have embraced the concept of enjoying the decline.

    If people are wise they will keep preparing for the ultimate and inevitable mathematical certainty of the destruction of the US Dollar, while enjoying all the system has to offer.

  • hal

    Gold is fine to use as money, but silver and anything else should be able to be used by whoever chooses. The main thing is that any system or currency be fully redeemable to every participant. You must allow people to hold their own or use depositories (electronic transfer PM hubs?) if they choose. Currency is okay, but we need MONEY, which we don’t have, only debt.

    Forget any kind of STANDARD if its not redeemable. If you cant redeem, then its a scam.

    • Ed_B

      Agree on the standard, Hal. Good point. US gold and silver certificates used to say on them “payable in gold (or silver) on demand”. It was the “on demand” part that put a serious crimp in the government’s ability to print paper money unless they had the gold or silver to back it up. This was the fiscal discipline that government needs to rein in its tendency towards unlimited expansion. As long as currency was convertible into gold or silver, they had to keep the amount of paper money limited to the amount of gold and silver they had available. Today, there is no such limitation imposed on money printing and we see the obvious and deleterious effects of that on a daily basis.

  • mike

    I never understood why Peter or anyone never points out that if you measured the Great Depression by todays Gov metrics, the unemployment rate during the Great Depression would be ZERO. That would shut anyone up who says on these shows like MSNBC that Peters numbers are wrong or his idea about Gov numbers.

  • Mike

    Not sure how much more of this precious metals “investment” I can take. I have lost tens of thousands after buying physical and miners at much higher prices (2011). Went all in basically all my assests thanks to listening to what I thought were experts. I mean all 12 or so experts on KWN and other sources cant all be wrong, right? All were. Have been wrong for 2 years with their predictions. How convenient that they all have precious metals to sell you.

    Massive mistake to go all in at near the top. Lose sleep and depressed daily about it. Waiting two years for things to turn around. Constant propaganda and hype things will turn around. I see a pattern now. Nothing will change for years because of the algos. Meanwhile, sheep I know are making boatloads off real estate and stock market while I try to do the right thing and get screwed… Sure my stash might help me years from now during the so called collapse, but I wish I was still a sheep to get my life back. Constant worrying about collapse, future, and depression about my hard earned assets massively losing value just is not worth it. No one I know in person to vent to. Please turn around soon. Cant take this much more. Thanks for letting me vent here.

    • Tom G.

      Mike- I am sorry about your troubles. If there is something we can do let us know. If you feel comfortable maybe giving your e-mail address I would be happy to contact you. Try to hang in there. That is not meant to be superficial consolation. All of us (many of us) bought some silver in the $40s. I admitted in my first article here on SGT that I sold 20% of my entire stack in the low 30s and high 20s because I thought the paper price was heading below $26 when all the experts said the bottom was in. The point being that if you don’t have to sell, then you haven’t lost anything. I get what you are saying about the experts. The beauty of the internet is that many contrary voices can be heard. We all try to do our best to try to discern what is true, and what will come true in the future. I have tried to point out when I thought the experts were wrong so that we might not get our hopes up or have faulty expectations.

      Having said that, all of us have learned a lot of lessons as we move along here. Some the hard way. This hard-knocks process will continue I’m afraid. I wish I could offer you something more substantive. Have a good week Mike.

      • Tom G.

        Enjoyed the interview. Schiff has a knack for explaining things in layman’s terms and providing examples that are helpful.

        He certainly called the collapse before anyone of us thought of collapse.

        I got a kick out of that fact that we shouldn’t have had anything deducted from our federal taxes when the govt was shut down. Good point.

        I have to agree with Mark Mann above- and I know he has posted about this before- I don’t think we are going to get this thing turned around. Maybe when foreign military “police” start knocking on people’s doors then the sheeple will realize the republic is in trouble. I hope I am wrong.

    • truth hurts

      we all got screwed by these gold pumpers buddy lets face it.

    • willyt2

      Mike I feel your pain as I am in the same boat. There are many more like us out there. Little did you or I or anyone know we were buying near the top. Like you I listened to all the experts thinking the same they can’t all be wrong. Keep the faith there’s not much choice until they release their choke hold. They either have to kill this whole debt paradigm or they have to let go and then precious metals will have their day in the limelight. What else is there? The machine is broken we all know it cannot continue the way it is, something has to give sooner or later. Take a look around, there is no recovery, there are no jobs like the politicians are saying along with the MSM puppets. It’s all just talk, just smoke and mirrors to keep the sheep turning the huge debt wheel. Take a long hard look around you, are things really any better now than they were when you started buying PM’s? Things are a lot worse now than they were 2 years ago. Their suppressing the prices because it’s all they can do to keep the dollar alive and keep this charade going. It’s always darkest before the dawn my friend, hang in there.

      The sheep you talk about that are making boatloads of money in stocks and the real estate market will wake up one day when the SHTF, then it will be to late. What are they going to do with worthless fiat dollars? The Eurozone isn’t fixed they still have huge problems over there and some day that whole thing will unravel over there. Just because we don’t hear about it every day in the MSM doesn’t mean things are better, they are worse. I have friends and relatives who live in Europe who say the economy isn’t improving, it’s getting worse. Why were the BRICS nation formed? The BRICS nations are moving further and further away from the using the dollar. Why is China buying so much gold along with other countries in the East? It’s a slow moving train wreck and be glad you are aware of the impending crash. Hard to keep the faith but just know you are on the right side of the information. The sheep you know will get a rude awakening someday. Not that I wish for anything bad to happen to people who are still asleep. You only lose if you have to cash in; if you don’t need it you haven’t lost a thing.

    • Ed_B

      Like Tom G. I also am sorry that you have “lost” money on your silver buying. As Tom says, though, your current losses are only paper losses. They will not be realized unless you sell at the current low prices. If you can hold this investment, it is likely that better times will come at some point in the future, although this is not guaranteed. Better yet would be if you could add to your current silver holdings at these lower prices. Thanks to the recent dip in prices and continued buying, I have been able to average down my cost per ounce from about $35 to about $28. Yes, this means that I am still under water but I don’t care. My reasons for buying silver in the first place are still valid. I wanted an alternative investment (savings plan, actually) that was not based on paper, so commodities and land are about it. I also wanted something that, unlike fiat currency, would not inflate away to nothing. Gold and silver are long-term stores of value. In the short-term, they can be quite volatile and we should expect to have a lot of ups and downs, especially as measured in a floating fiat currency. I see gold and silver as standards, so their value to me doesn’t change. When they appear to do so, it is actually the value of the fiat currency that is moving up and down. A lot of people see this and think that it is the fiat that is the standard and that the metals or oil are moving. In most cases they’re not, at least not very much. Meanwhile, the fiat is moving up and down constantly. One of the funniest things is when economists and talking heads on TV insist in comparing this fiat to that fiat, as if that had a lot of meaning. Unless one is a currency trader, it really doesn’t have much meaning.

      Even though I like gold and silver A LOT, I never advise anyone to “go all in” in ANY investment, no matter how good it looks. None of us can predict the future. Many things can and do happen that are unexpected. Going all in the same as saying that you (or some advisor) can predict the future and that this is what you should be in to meet the conditions in that future environment. Diversification and dollar cost averaging are two things that even small investors can use to good advantage. Once we have decided what constitutes a meaningful asset allocation, we need to stick with that unless significant changes occur that require us to rethink our position. We should avoid constantly tinkering with our asset allocation as well. Checking our investments quarterly and making some changes annually is plenty of supervision.

      In my case, a 15% allocation to gold and silver seems about right to me. Others will think that a different number is right for them. No one can tell another person what this number is unless they know ALL about our particular financial situation and that is a task best kept to ourselves.

    • 8Ball

      This is a game and most of us are the pawns…

      Corso character in the “Ninth Gate”

      On flight to Paris from Lisbon with “Green Eyes” after examining the Fargas copy.

      Corso: “someone is playing a game with me…”

      Girl: “of course, you are part of it.” goes back to sleep

      Most of the metal peddlers like Sinclair, Schiff,etc. are successful because they are skilled at keep people in the game no matter what the situation happens to be.

  • Praxis

    Great stuff Sean. I live right near Mr. Schiff but have yet to shake his hand. Probably should do it soon before it’s too late.

    It’s just silly. Childishly, tragically, freaking silly.


  • John

    Is Russell Brand’s Socialism the Answer?

  • Joe

    Here’s a lil factoid that I think you will find interesting. The shooter in the LAX false flag event is named Paul Ciancia. Paul Ciancia = Paul CIAnCIA

    • Ed_B

      Yeah, Joe, I noticed that too. Looks to me like a word game perpetrated by a couple of CIA agents in their spare time… CIA N CIA? Give me a break. lol

  • rico

    Great interview Sean. Keep up the great work spreading honest and helpful news across the land. Sadly, unless more of us get educated, this country will go up in flames of debt. It is amazing to see how much more debt keeps getting piled onto our progeny on a daily basis and now government basically has a blank check for the future after the latest “We gave it our best shot” effort from John Boner. The ever hypocritical and lazy ass Harry Reid can’t even pass a budget. Think there is a reason behind that? Nah, couldn’t be…..

    • Ed_B

      Hey, Rico. My thought is that we passed the amount of debt that could be paid off some time ago, so adding more debt to the pile is pretty much meaningless these days. Once a debt becomes so large that it will never be paid off, what difference does it make if it is unpayable + 10% or unpayable + 1000%? Not much. Either way, it is still unpayable! Because of that, I have quit worrying about it and now spend my time worrying about the few things in life that I CAN control… like prepping for an uncertain and possibly disastrous future. I will do all that I can to soften the blow that could come from this. Others who frequent this site are likely doing the same. No matter what level our preps reach, we will be better off for having made them than will be the millions of our fellow citizens who have not prepared at all.

  • Mai Tonami

    Sean, here is why silver will go beyond $20,000.00 per ounce. When the grounding aka earthing products go mainstream (exponential growth is happening now) people will do anything for them. It has begun….


  • knowtoomuch

    An EXPLOSIVE interview on NObama ; he ain’t nothing but a “crack smokin’ homosexual ho” , according to a teenage aquintance from Hawai :

    So, ‘SGT’ ; WHAT you’re gonna do with this one ?

    As far as I’m concerned it’s a ‘GO’ as an article on your site !!!


    And FUCK the NSA !!!


    @ Mai Tonami, R U “GROUNDING” ??? Let us know!

  • Hman

    I enjoyed every bit, great interview.

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