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Peter Schiff – Another Bubble Set to Burst

from WCJournalism:

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4 comments to Peter Schiff – Another Bubble Set to Burst

  • Stan

    I’m no professional, but the more I learn and look into it, the more I understand Mr. Schiff is right.
    This bubble he is talking about is going to be more like a warhead when it goes off.

  • Paul T

    This guy is the f**kin master!

  • karate kid

    a lot of things the usa government covers up that’s why they want ww3
    kill millions threw nuclear war and like building 7 it falls down and so goes all evidence of Enron and the 1 trillion the military stole

    yes they need to drug u up the only way to keep you off the streets
    the gov is insane from the top down
    now lets start a war with china

  • karate kid

    why when I post it doesnt calculate properly
    u should have a way to flip the calculations because sometime the right answer is wrong and I cant post

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