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People To Lose Confidence In Dark Forces Ruling West & Japan

from KingWorldNews:

Kaye: “We are at levels in gold that are absolutely compelling. We are betting with our own pocketbook, and the money of people who have entrusted us with their savings as well. I would be stunned if you are talking one year from today and gold is not 50% to 60% higher than where it’s trading today….

“I will say that if you don’t have any humility after 35 years in this business, then you probably haven’t been in this business. We’ve taken a shellacking on our gold position, and guys who I have a lot less respect for are looking better at this point because the dumb money is getting paid.

But this is a long-term game, investing. It requires patience, and the ability to see idiots around you making money and crowing about it. But this is like one inning in a 9-inning ball game. If you’ve been around this game for 30+ years as I have, as guys like Eric Sprott have, it’s not a 9-inning game, it’s really a 30-or-40-inning game.

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