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ONE BAD JOKE: Sandy Hook Report Says Shooter’s Mom Wanted to Buy Him Gun for Christmas


by Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News!:

The mother of mass killer Adam Lanza wrote her son a check to buy a pistol as a Christmas present in the days leading up to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, according to an official report out Monday.

Nancy Lanza — who was killed by her 20-year-old son last December before he killed six women and 20 children at the Connecticut elementary school — told friends a month before the shooting that she was concerned about her son. He had not left the house for three months, and he communicated with her only via email, she said. She was not allowed to enter his room.

But despite what seemed like mental health warning signs, the police found a check in the Lanza home for a CZ 83 pistol, which Nancy Lanza intended to give to her son over the holidays, according to a report released by a Connecticut state’s attorney. The check’s date section read “Christmas Day.”

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SGT REPORT ADDENDUM — Our friend and a cop in CT., Mark S. Mann e-mailed us the link to this article with these comments:

“So the CT State government wants to seal all of the records to the case, and refuse to disclose the shooters prescription meds, but yet this bullshit comes out of the investigation NOW? And for what reason? Look at the picture of this kid. There is just no way.

If they target practiced “often”, why is it that no one ever has an record or memory of this kid on the range or at a gun club? There is no way that gun owners in this State would shut up about that.

Oh….and by the way: This story also contradicts the BS story about the fact he had no “on-line fingerprint”. More to come…”

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8 comments to ONE BAD JOKE: Sandy Hook Report Says Shooter’s Mom Wanted to Buy Him Gun for Christmas

  • creditorj

    Thank god there are still some people left with balls and reasoning skills,thank you Mark!

  • Pepe

    Since his mother knew about guns, she would also know that you have to be 21 years old to purchase a handgun. Need I say more.

  • Isaac

    If they could lie and distort about this part of the case, then I have no doubt that they’ve been fabricating from day one.

  • johns

    Tell a lie big enough, and sheeple will believe it.

    Interesting how the “official” report commented on the efficient RESPONSE TIME of the police, however, mentioned NOTHING on the PARAMEDICS response time and performance in their ability and duty to administer aid……. surely someone was still breathing……. ????????????

  • AgShaman

    Go back to sleep. 112 pound anorexic wimps always have no problems carrying this kinda weight and gear when they break into schools and go on shooting sprees.

    No video….No Sandy Hook

    Sandy Hook never happened. It is being fully memory-holed.

    Asking questions about this will reserve you a future trip to room 101

  • Dave

    You’re all friggin morons. I live in Newtown, and I can assure you it happened. I’m personal friends with one family who lost a child and friends with the sister of one of the aids. Why would you jerks even consider this to be a conspiracy? You all have no common sense and live in a fantasy world. Let me guess… You are all either tea party or republicans…right??? Idiots.

    • SGT

      You probably shouldn’t be visiting web sites like this from the day job Dave, you might be labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, which would be ironic since you’re so willing & eager to toss out labels and all. And, you should probably listen to this conversation with a COP who also lives in the area and has the expertise to discuss these complicated issues and unanswered questions, in detail.

  • Sandy

    The house had no internet connection for the previous four years, so that explains the lack of online presence. It probably made it hard for him to e-mail his mother. That Christmas check was for a C 183. That is a very sweet little Kodak digital camera.

    The final report takes hours to download. They redact some of the closet pans in the school gym, and a lot of other scenes that had nothing to do with the investigation but show Nancy’s staged death bed room. The inside of the house can’t possibly be her house.

    The report does not show Ryan’s ID, reported to have been the reason for the mistaken identity which had the Hoboken apartment building under siege. The report does not show the 4′ X 8′ crazy spreadsheet either.

    The photos show violent video games, but none of the old 80’s gaming systems could play them. He had a mat set out for Dance Dance Revolution…not attached to anything.

    Weird school gym. The windows in the doors are covered, and a huge devil hangs on the wall. In the closet are a stack of wading pools. Strange.

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