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Obamacare LIES, Economic COLLAPSE & the Fukushima NIGHTMARE – Michael Snyder

Do you know that 1 out of every 4 Americans has a job that pays $10 per hour or less? Do you know that today 47 MILLION Americans are on food stamps? That’s up 50% from the day Obama took office. Do you realize that Obamacare is a Trojan horse designed to wreck the US economy? Do you realize that something is killing sea life all over the Pacific Ocean? Do you know that 300 tons of highly radioactive water is being dumped into the Ocean each day? Do you care that the U.S. military is being taught to treat Christians as “extremists” and “potential terrorists”? These ARE the signs of the collapse, and sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Michael Snyder from the Economic Collapse Blog joins me to discuss all of the latest.

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20 comments to Obamacare LIES, Economic COLLAPSE & the Fukushima NIGHTMARE – Michael Snyder

  • Jarrod Montgomery

    It seems that this video is stuck on private. Would love to hear it!

  • jan meadowss

    If you do the research and enter the rabbit hole you should add to the special organizations like the Bilderberg, Vatican- jesuits, cfr, tavistock, club of 300 etc and most important the East Indian Company Ltd out of London Uk incorporated in the UK in the 1700 and the Dutch V.O.C, n.v incorporate in Amsterdam NL in the 1700 with Stadhouder Willem 3 and also the King in the UK know as Willem 3 who had a lot of wars on the continent in Europe and started the Irish war ( know today as the Orange march) who sold the Bank of the UK to Rothschild and so created the really controlling group of structural and financial/ economy. of today behind the secret organization and N.G.O. Have a look at the study of the University of Zurich about the 43.000 companies studied with resulted in the cross reference of controls by 147 companies who are under the spill of the E.I.C. ltd and the V.O.C. in fact the crow of the UK and the Crown of the Netherlands ( House of Hanover and the house of Orange both bloodline go to the Habsburger’s who was one of the dominant creators of the EU).

  • Mark S Mann

    Excellent work as usual Sean!


    It should be no surprise to anyone here that the MO for the PTB is if there is a problem, don’t talk about it. Its not happening, or it never happened.

    Imagine being a Japanese citizen or someone that lives in Japan? (I hope James Corbett is ok) If the wildlife thousands of miles away has noticeable effects ….what about the people who live within hundreds of miles of the site? How long will the scumbags in charge of this mess be able to hide the human toll in their own back yard? And…what when they can no longer play the game of “nothing to see here”?

    Hey….did you hear about all the aquatic wildlife dying on the west coast? You don’t think it has anything to do with the tons radioactive material being dumped into the Pacific Ocean everyday for the last 2+ years, do you? Naaahhhh…..probably not. I doubt it. Its probably some type of weird sea fungus or something. Lets not talk about it. Hey!…. What’s the score on the World Series Game?

    • Mark S Mann

      Oh…..and BTW…..all this is going on while Japan wants to play WWIII with China…like Japan does not already have enough problems to deal with:

      1.) Fukushima
      2.) The Japanese Economy

      But yet they have plenty of money for (2) new aircraft carriers, and the time and resources to bicker with China (who would totally kick their ass) over tiny islands in the middle of no where.

      Remind you of any other country you know of? All this tells me for sure is the same kind of assholes in America are in charge in Japan.

    • SGT

      Thanks Mark, despite signs that people ARE waking up, day in and day out it’s still mostly business as usual for most folks in the United States, normalcy bias collides with willful ignorance.

  • MRH

    This is one of the best! Great in-depth commentary on both sides of the microphone! Well done, my friend.

  • angela

    fukashima is the new 9/11 only it was on 3/11 the tsunami was an under water bomb 2 miles out, the fuel rods were removed long before the tsunami, just another illusion by your NWO fear creators and SGT why don’t you go out and buy yourself a Geiger meter that tells you the level of radiation many Japanese did and guess what the readings are normal lol gee could it be that there really is no radiation its all a matrix thing. here is just one example of a geiger meter reading clip you can see for yourself
    SGT don’t always believe the chit on fukashima get your own geiger meter if you are that worried about it and go to japan and see for yourself. I have a friend who lives in Tokyo as a english teacher and he did just that purchased one and he was shocked at how low it reads but the Japanese MSM keeps saying how high it is ,he was confused well guess what welcome to the world of illusion where things aren’t what they seem to be Tepco the company that is now benefiting from this sopposed radiation is getting billions of taxpayer yen handed to them to maintain this illusionary radiation so dont sweat it SGT sleep well and try not to have bad dreams about radiation poisioning because it just ain’t there think outside the box about this just like you had to about 9/11

  • angela

    One more thing “what about the earthquake” well i say what earthquake take a close look at the videos just before the tsunami hits wouldn’t a 8+ richter scale quake do more damage to the structures ?? look at the videos closely buildings look undamaged

  • AK

    @ Angela – something clearly does not add up. Something is causing all these abnormalities in the pacific and along the pacific rim. I don’t believe for a minute that there is no radiation around the plant. I did read reports that the government had the Geiger Meter manufacturers rig the meters so that the readings would be greatly understated from actual radiation levels. I wouldn’t put it past them to do that to avoid a panic. Could that be the reason why they are not getting any unusual radiation readings in Tokyo? The effects of obvious radiation are everywhere and to claim that this is a conspiracy is just insane. You claim that they removed all the fuel rods? Really?? This is not something you go in and do over night. This is a highly complex, extremely dangerous operation that takes months of planning and execution and would certainly have been reported because these highly toxic rods have to be transported and stored somewhere safe. Had these fuel rods been previously removed this would have been widely known. Fukushima is an unmitigated disaster that has the potential to contaminate the entire Northern Hemisphere and especially the United States because we are directly down stream from Japan.
    Go back to your main stream media reports and pretend all is well…

  • rich

    I Pinocchio

    Very hard to find truth within the context of thousands of lies.

  • angela

    @ AK i suppose you believe MSM about 9/!!?

  • knowtoomuch

    Fukushima = TERRORIST ATTACK :

    READ :

    SEE :

  • Ed_B

    Fukushima is Hirohito’s Revenge for Nagasaki and Hiroshima. :-O

  • andrew james

    Since the earthquake and tsunami hit the reactors at Fukushima TEPCO has reinforced the construction of reactor #4 and built a crane for the removal of the over 1300 spent fuel rods. It looks like there could be light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got 18 months to sweat it.

  • AnonPatriot

    What did he need, to WIN the war? SILVER. Happy Halloween, everyone!

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

  • prestodo

    So, after reading Revelations Chapter 8 yesterday, I would say that Fukushima was prophesied to happen. We’re in the midst of the last days. The Pacific Ocean is only going to get worse, because absolutely nothing is being done about Fukushima by anybody, and nobody will do anything. The Pacific Ocean is now nothing but a giant dead zone, and all from just one nuclear power plant. How many nuclear power plants do we have in the U.S.???? Much more than enough to kill all life on the planet. Yet nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care.

  • John Lennon

    sean – off topic… but does this worry anyone? Bitcoin ATM now open!

    “It’s really simple: You scan your hand, and you get a receipt.”

    nothing to worry about here…

  • angela

    @john Lennon mark on their right hand and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark
    Like you say nothing to worry about here thats old news from the bible and is about 2000 years old

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