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No inflation to see here….

from Sovereign Man:

One of the biggest lies in finance is this perpetual deception that inflation is good.

Ben Bernanke, the current high priest of US monetary policy, recently remarked that it’s “important to prevent US inflation from falling too low.”

Well of course, we wouldn’t want that, would we? Just imagine the chaos and devastation that would ensue if the cost of living actually remained… you know… the same.

One shudders at the mere thought of price stability.

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1 comment to No inflation to see here….

  • Ed_B

    “One shudders at the mere thought of price stability.”

    Indeed. Instead of clouding the real issue by using the word “inflation”, which indicates that something is expanding, we should all start calling “inflation” what it truly is… the rate at which our currency is devalued. Of course, the economists and banksters who toss the word inflation around all the time typically tie it to the supposed rising value of real property and stock assets. This is not especially relevant, however, because as stocks and real estate inflate to ever higher values, the money that they can be sold for buys less and less. So, what is really gained? Not much. But the world is run by those who think that they are somehow creating wealth via inflation when nothing could be further from the truth. Wealth is created in the old fashioned ways, typically by working hard and providing a good or a service that people want and need, of sufficient quality, and at a fair price. Doing that is what creates wealth. A printing press cannot create wealth. All it can create is more of a shrinking currency and the faster they print, the faster it shrinks. Paper shuffling does not create wealth either, although some think that it does. But what real tangible difference in made in our lives and in our economy by arranging and rearranging pieces of paper? Very little, in my estimation.

    If we would know what jobs exist that create real value, all we need do is imagine that the US and world economies have collapsed. Now, what jobs can we do that will be worth someone giving us vital supplies in exchange for that work? There are many such jobs but being a paper shuffler is not among them. Those jobs will disappear almost instantly in a collapse scenario… along with all of that supposed wealth that they have created. Once the fantasy aspects have been ground away by hard times, only reality will remain. So, would we rather be a plumber, electrician, carpenter, bricklayer, doctor, nurse, repairman, or other useful person and survive or remain a carbuncle on the posterior of humanity? The choice is ours, so… choose wisely.

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