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More Evidence the US Mint is Stopping ASE Production

from silverdoctors:

In this week’s Metals & Markets Wrap:

1. Yellen & TPTB preparing to taper talk of taper as the market forces The Fed to d/c the propaganda, and admit MOAR QE is coming
2. As Comex Registered Inventories Continue To Plummet, Gold signaling a change in trend- higher lows a positive sign the market may be finally turning, and Asian investors are eager to buy the dips
3. JP Morgan Twits Tweet: Epic marketing failure
4. Retail silver shortage developing once again- 1 month wholesale delays on Sunshine Mint products- the mint that supplies the US Mint with silver blanks

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2 comments to More Evidence the US Mint is Stopping ASE Production

  • Frank Zak

    Silver Fundamentally Undervalued to Gold (Written in 2003)
    What is of particular interest to investors is the simple fact of how undervalued silver really is relative to anything else. As most who have read my work know, I focus a great deal upon real money vs. fictional money. In an earlier article it was mentioned that the Federal Reserve itself has indicated that the 1913 dollar is now worth 5 cents. To get a current “dollar” back to the 1913 equivalent we would have to use twenty of them. Expressed another way, (.05 x 20 = 1.00). This gave me an idea. Let us investigate how well gold and silver have kept up. In 1913 a twenty dollar gold piece was the coin of the realm. Taking our twenty times factor we see $20 x 20 = 400, so if we trust the FED gold would be worth $400. This is approximately true because a twenty dollar gold piece is not exactly a troy ounce, however the idea is sound. But now let us have a look at silver at $1.29 per ounce (1913 official price) x 20 = $25.80. Interesting gold today is near $320 and silver is around $4.50. We can see from this example that gold would have to increase by 25% to reach this theoretical price, but silver would have to increase by 550%. Something to think about?

  • AgShaman

    Gold is worth $42 Yellen widgets

    The govt’s ledger at the US Dept of Treasury says so

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