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MORE Damaging News for Obama on Obamacare — Can he Rebound?

A consultant warned the Obama administration in March that Obamacare’s was in trouble, a document released Monday shows. As the drumbeat of bad news continues, here’s what experts say Obama should do to pull out of a second-term tailspin.

by Linda Feldmann, CS Monitor:

If President Obama wants to feel better about his sinking job approval, he need only look down Pennsylvania Avenue: Congress is down to 9 percent, according to the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll. That makes Mr. Obama’s 38 percent approval rating in the same poll look downright robust.

But as the clock ticks toward Nov. 30, when the Obama administration promised to have working smoothly for the “vast majority” of consumers, the negative headlines continue. Now, the White House acknowledges, 1 in 5 will still not be able to sign up for health insurance on the website by the end of the month, though only in part for technical reasons.

And on Monday night, House Republicans released a document indicating that consultants warned the Obama administration as early as March that the development of was in serious trouble.

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