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MF Global Update & the Continuing War on the American People

from wepollock:

MF Global Customers Win 100% Recovery, Everyone with a Bank Account, Brokerage Account, or Commodity Account Loses! Jon Corzine gets a “get out of jail free card” the administration and Eric Holder get a pass and the “War Against the American People” continues.

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1 comment to MF Global Update & the Continuing War on the American People

  • Ed_B

    Hence the absolute necessity of maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights, as stated in the US Constitution. The enemies of liberty are fully committed to destroying this right. They will stop at nothing in this effort. Stand your ground and do not give a single inch. If possible, take back the ground that has already been lost. If the 2nd Amendment falls, ALL other liberties will soon follow. How can I know this without knowing the future? Because that IS the basic nature of the cancer known as government.

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