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Man Arrested for Fishing Will Not Be Subdued, Judge Finally Storms Out

[Ed. Note: Be sure to click the ‘Read More’ link below to see local news coverage of what has happened to Ernie Tertelgte since.]

by Lily Dane, The Daily Sheeple:

A Montana man was arrested for fishing without a license and resisting arrest earlier this month. When he went to court for the charges, something astonishing happened.

Ernie Tertelgte says he’s being wrongly persecuted for trying to feed himself. In court, he argued that the court did not have the authority to charge him, citing “natural law.”

In court, he told Three Forks City Judge Wanda Drusch:

“I am a living man protected by natural law and I have the right to forage for food when I am hungry… You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action.”

A heated exchange ensued, and the judge told Tertelgte to shut up. Then he yelled:

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9 comments to Man Arrested for Fishing Will Not Be Subdued, Judge Finally Storms Out

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Damn! A living man!

  • Daniel

    I recommend getting Black’s Law Dictionary (or Bouvier’s Law Dictionary) and look up the word “person” (in fact, get out any Federal Acts and Regs, and check out all legal definitions for all the words they use — such as “deposit”, “certificate”, “registration”…etc).

    This gentleman knew the difference between the “natural living soul/man” and the “artificial man”, which is a corporate fiction, has no rights, is considered a legal dead entity and was created when an “application” was approved for a “birth certificate” (“birth” should really be spelt as “berth”, as common law has now been replaced with maritime law — hence this man’s reference to “the jolly roger” flag being the “gold trimmed Amerikan flag”).

    For more information on this, I recommend Winston Shrout as a good point of reference. Their rules only apply to us, when we smear their crap on our face, through our ignorance of who we really are.

    • Tom G.

      Daniel- If you happen to stop by here again, thank you for providing that info. That really puts some context to the man’s comments. I’m actually going to look up some of that stuff you referenced. Thanks again.

  • MincemeatSpudsCarrotsOnions

    Ballsey, educated gentleman. Clone this MAN !!

    Keep going freedom-fighters.

    Bless your souls.

  • Troy

    That was one of the greatest video’s I have even watched! That man is truly a living man!

  • Eric

    Same stuff Jordan Maxwell has been saying for years.

  • greg

    This stuff works people, check out dean Clifford on youtube, know who you are and what your rights are. Its a different ball game when the judge knows your a living flesh and blood man in court.

    Last week I faced off with a judge who ignored a sworn affidavit I had put into he court file and thus perverted the course of justice.

    He did not like being told this and when he told me to get out of the court I said I didn’t take orders from public servants, and asked him “are you a public servant?”

    He freaked out and called for security!!!! when they do this you know you have them. Was a great feeling coming out of court!

    Private prosecution against the judge for breaking the law to follow!!

    • MRH

      I have try contacting Dean Clifford, on several occasions, for an interview. He has not responded to my emails. If you have any way of contacting please let us know. We would truly love to interview him and to have a better, deeper understanding of our rights as sovereign citizens.

      • greg

        I’m sure Dean is a really busy man at the moment, maybe thats why he hasn’t got back to you yet. Keep trying sure. I don’t know him personally but have just been following his work through his website and interviews. Learnt a hell of a lot in the last year.

        Check out the seminars and interviews at

        All valuable info put out in the public domain for free. The guy is a total hero in my eyes!

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