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Like Rats at a GMO d-Con Trap

by Barbara H. Peterson, Farm Wars:

As I looked around in the local supermarket at the isles of people grabbing boxes of processed food off the shelves without even a thought about what it is they really are eating, I couldn’t help but think…..

what would be the easiest, most cost effective way to reduce the population to an “acceptable” level while all the time masquerading as benefactors? And just what would the mechanism be to achieve this?

The answer is simple. That’s right; get us to do the dirty job ourselves. Like rats drawn to a packet of d-Con poison because it is manufactured to smell and taste like real food, the people who consume GMOs (genetically modified/engineered organisms) think that what they are eating and bringing home to the nest is good, pure food. Instead, they are bringing home poison and killing themselves, their families, and the planet, courtesy of your favorite eugenicists at the USDA, aka Monsanto et al. who, according to industry PR spin are the good guys whose only motivation for this GMO takeover is to “feed a hungry planet.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, the motivation behind this takeover is anything but benevolent.

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