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L.A. Ontario Airport ‘October Drill’ Nearly Identical to LAX Shooting Scene

The exercise involved some 300 officers to perform an active live drill.

from 21st Century Wire:

Almost exactly one month earlier…Los Angeles Airport Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department took part in  an ‘active shooter drill‘ on Saturday, October the 2nd 2013 at L.A./Ontario International Airport.

According to a report by the San Bernardino Sun , written by Doug Saunders, one such shooting scenario had an “armed man” shooting “three people” before officers locked down the scene.

Shockingly this was nearly an identical scene to what unfolded on Friday, November 1st (All Saints Day) at LAX. A scene in which, one TSA officer was shot and killed, with three others wounded, leaving a total of 7 injured at the Los Angeles International Airport.

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3 comments to L.A. Ontario Airport ‘October Drill’ Nearly Identical to LAX Shooting Scene

  • Isaac

    According to marc s masnn, this must also be a load of garbage.

  • Ed_B

    Anyone else have their BS-O-METER pinging now. The so-called perp is named CIA N CIA? WTF? That sounds like an insider’s joke involving TWO CIA agents running a false flag op.

  • Mark S Mann

    The shooter basically got off a few rounds and walked right into armed police who shut his ass down.

    If it was a “false flag”, its pretty lame. When the “PTB” want to stage a false flag and create a mass hysteria event, you always get a bigger body count than 1 person dead and 2 wounded.

    Also, the false flag guys love soft targets. LAX is NOT a soft target. There are plenty of armed cops in and around the airport, and (1) idiot with a rifle and (1) magazine are NOT going to inflict the type of damage the PTB want when they stage an event. The response at LAX would be very quick and very heavy. They have some of the best trained and most heavily armed police in the city in and around LAX at all times.

    What this event was is the main stream media seizing on some lone wolf nut job / emotionally disturbed person who was probably taking too many meds or maybe not enough. Maybe the “PTB” fabricated / planted, or even made up the stuff about the letters / notes this guy supposedly had on him. It does not even really matter.

    There are dozens of incidents a week nationally where this exact type of violence happens, and this only made the news because it occurred at LAX (one of the largest and busiest airports in the world) , it involved the highly controversial agency TSA, and in occurred in a State (Cali) that has strict gun control. The media has spun this event for maximum effect to promote gun control,and bash people speak against the criminal government and its policies. Nothing new here.

    My friends….we are a nation of 350 some odd million people and 300 some odd million firearms. Some people really do just fall into the category / diagnosis of “bat shit crazy”…and unfortunately the reality is that’s its not hard for them to get weapons. We ARE going to have things like this happen, and not all of them are going be “false flags”……this has been spun into a “flase flag of opportunity” for the “PTB” that has been manipulated the event for maximum effect through the mass media.

    The fact that there was a drill going on means NOTHING. “Active shooter” scenarios have become one of the prime concerns / threats facing law enforcement in America over the last several years. It is one of the proverbial worst vase situations that face law enforcement in America today prepares and trains for. There are probably DOZENS of active shooter drills being conducted daily across the approximately 20,000+ law enforcement agencies in the USA . Do same basic math here with just those numbers alone. I have known individual officers or entire agencies who have been in training for a particular scenario and just days or weeks later find them selves in a real world scenario which was very similar to the training. After all, that’s why we train, isn’t it?

    The author of this video’s accusation of The police officer or administrator in the background “slapping himself in the face” because the ranking officer giving the press conference screwed up by admitting they were just recently training an active shooter scenario is completely ridiculous, and I will not waste any more time on it. Also ridiculous is the “Ciancia” play on words. Its a very amusing coincidence in my opinion, and if interpreted body language and a play on words are going to be a criteria for what constitutes a “false flag”, I don’t know what to tell you. Everyone has their opinion. Instead… I am trying to show logical facts on why this was a convenient manipulation of the events to further agenda.

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