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Jim Willie’s STUNNING CLAIM: The Game is Over. King Dollar is DEAD — Gold to $7,000 Silver to $250+

from Silver Doctors:

Many analyst writers choose the Black Swan analogy to describe deeply ominous events in progress, with little forward notice. The analogy simply does not fit anymore, as an armada of black swans is more appropriate, spotted on regular and frequent sightings.

The US financial fortress died in September 2008. The Grand Paradigm Shift is in progress. My sources indicate that 5000 metric tons of Gold bullion moved from London to points East between April and July 2012. The flow eastward never stopped. The pace has continued. The Gold bullion continues to be shipped in enormous staggering volume.

The agreements have already been made on the new Gold Trade Settlement system with its newly imposed Gold Trade Standard. They have agreed on a $7000/oz gold price, with a similarly exalted silver price of at least $250/oz. Decisions have been made final. The implementation is slow but steady.

The game is over. The King Dollar is dead.

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5 comments to Jim Willie’s STUNNING CLAIM: The Game is Over. King Dollar is DEAD — Gold to $7,000 Silver to $250+

  • prestodo

    Jim Willie is wrong, gold will reach 1 million dollars an ounce, and silver will reach 10 million dollars an ounce!!!!! And I know it will because like jim willie, I’m an “expert” in this b.s. future forecasting and predicting.

  • glitter 1

    I really like and appreciate Jim Willie’s analysis and Bold Calls,such as this most recent one.However,credit must be given where it is due,Lindsey William’s “Source” called it way back in 2012 that the “Dollar Will Be Dead By The End Of 2012” and it effectly was since all of the events had been set in motion by that date.

    So,for all the LW Bashers out there,argue with Jw,probably the most succinct/intelligent analysts currently out there, who has just confirmed/verified what LW conveyed over a year ago.

    The message(s) being telegraphed recently,by many with greater frequency,is that “A Reset Is Coming”. The Dollar will loose 30-50% overnight,Gold will Double as a result and this will just be a start.The Masses will not see it coming and will be caught totally flat-footed/off-guard.Loss of generation wealth will result.The message is clear,Got Gold!Got Silver!

  • andrew james

    I’m going to use my money for the betterment of society but first I’m going to buy a tavern.

  • waldog

    Last time I checked the dollar was alive!

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