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Japanese government set to borrow additional $30 BILLION for Fukushima costs

by L.J. Devon, Natural News:

The price tag for the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan just jumped $30 billion. The Japanese government has recently announced a new borrowing spree to increase cleanup funds of the dilapidated area from $50 billion to $80 billion.

This will increase cleanup spending by over 35 percent as the reality of the damage continues to set in. Along with cleanup costs, some of the money will be used to compensate those people who won’t be able to return to their homes.

30 plus years to decommission Fukushima reactors, costing hundreds of billions of dollars

The owner of the Fukushima plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co., is scheduled to pay the money back in the coming decades. (It will take 30 or more years to decommission Fukushima’s six reactors.) The costs will be covered up front by Japanese government bonds, and the $80 billion is just the beginning. TEPCO says it will need at least $137 billion to clean up Fukushima alone. Outside estimates report that the disaster itself has cost over $250 billion already, with projections reaching $500 billion in the next decade.

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