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Is There Anything Left to Fight For?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Less than 10% of Americans stand up to tyranny on a daily basis. I estimate that about half of the country is acting like they are dumber than a box of rocks and are content to simply live in ignorant bliss for as long as it is possible to do so. What about the rest of us? For those who know what is at stake and refuse to do anything, are condemning our children to live in a hellish nightmare for which they will someday hate us for.

What I can understand is that many Americans are unwilling to stand up to tyranny and do what’s right so long as they have their basic needs provided for. I think many parents are forgetting one thing, what about your children’s basic needs and their futures? If you will not fight for yourself, would you not at least fight for your children?

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7 comments to Is There Anything Left to Fight For?

  • Eric

    There’s no point in calling them the illuminati any longer since there is nothing enlightened about them. A more accurate term for the same monsters would be to use the term Dark Hats.

    Good article. I have no kids and still do everything I can think of to shine a light on these monsters. But it really blows my mind how parents sit there and do nothing. WHY did you bother to have them if they have no future???

  • Rodster

    One thing I did was to ban any commercial flying. I’ll take my car instead if I need to travel.

  • Dave

    Americans do NOTHING because they are Brain Dead

  • Ed_B

    “One day, I expect my adult son to ask me what I did in the war against tyranny? What will you tell your children when they ask you the same question?”

    I won’t tell them anything. By that time, I will be dead and so will several of the SOBs who came to my door to take my guns and liberty. My children won’t have to ask what I did; they will KNOW.

    “One of my undergraduate students recently told me that we (the adults) have left his generation a pile of crap to live in.”

    Isn’t that the point where we say, “Yeah? Well, crap happens. So… what are YOU going to do about it?”?

  • messianicdruid

    Dave’s article is very good, but the comments may be better. I encourage you to read them. He discourages whiners, and asks everyone for concrete actions, good stuff…

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