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If A Nuclear Bomb Destroyed Europe

by Andy Hoffman,

Yes, the U.S. “economy.”  I put economy in quotes because each day, it strays further and further from freely-determined capitalism; that is, where supply and demand are catalyzed by natural forces.  Sadly, America is now much closer to a socialist business model, as its government has deemed most large companies “too big to fail” – be the banks, insurance companies, automobile manufacturers, or mortgage underwriters.  Not to mention, its heavy fascist leanings, now that the vast majority of political contributions emanate from “big business” interests like healthcare (can you say Obamacare?); finance; and military contracting.

Worse yet, the government have – via its “partners” at the Fed – taken over the financial markets themselves.  Freely-traded stock, bond, commodity, currency, and Precious Metals markets have traditionally meted out capital efficiently.  However, today’s “markets” principally serve TPTB, in their 24/7 efforts to mask the reality of a dying global economy.  With “PPT” operations propping stocks, “QE” programs supporting bonds, secretive groups like the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” manipulating currencies and Precious Metals, and “economic data” grossly misrepresented, it has becomes impossible to gauge the true state of the economy; that is, if one gets their information from the “evil troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the Mainstream Media.

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