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How About Some Carbon Monoxide in Your Meat?

by Melissa Melton, Truth Stream Media:

On top of all the other troubling ingredients, chemicals and known toxins found in foods and/or used in its production and cultivation, there is apparently also carbon monoxide to be concerned about.

Yes, the silent but deadly gas carbon monoxide.

Apparently the FDA – our loving watchdogs – have ok’d its use as a color preservative in meats, as it evidently helps keep us appearances for as much as 20 days. The carbon monoxide (known for its deadly tail pipe exhaust and as a carcinogen in cigarette smoke) is used to give fish and meat a fresh “red” look to appeal to buyers. However, some have warned this can also give spoiled or less-than-fresh foods the same glossy red-appearance – that is, until consumers come home to a rotten surprise.

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