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Historical Parallels between Progressivism, Nazism, Fascism & Marxism are not Accidental

by William Lafferty, Freedom Outpost:

Progressives, I suggest, have three main characteristics. They see themselves as morally superior and feel it is their duty [read opportunity] to tell others what they should do. They are experts at lying. And finally, they use the government to force their views on others. All of these characteristics are readily apparent in the Obamacare spectacular.

At the root of progressivism is the belief that they alone know the best path for mankind, and they see themselves as morally superior and intellectually gifted. They believe ordinary people are not capable of running their own lives and that the progressive’s job is similar to the “white man’s burden” of the nineteenth century, the responsibility of the anointed to tell the rest of us what to do.

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