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Gold And Silver – Fundamentals Do Not Matter

by Michael Noonan, Gold Silver Worlds:

If fundamentals mattered, gold and silver prices would be substantially higher. They are not, and for a reason. It is not hard to define what factors are influencing price, for they are political, even criminal under normal circumstances. These factors are, in two words: central bankers. The money changers still have a stranglehold on the financial system, and nowhere it is more evident than in the price of gold.

Will it end? Yes, but as has been the biggest mystery, no one knows when?! While the golden grip continues, it is inexorably loosening. The United States, and by extension, the United Kingdom, is fast becoming more and more isolated. First, it was the natural opposition, Russia, China, morphing into the BRICS. Unable to sustain their no longer warranted arrogance, the Western alliances are now falling apart. Note the cover from Die Zeit, symbolic of the growing attitude of the rest of the world toward the US:

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3 comments to Gold And Silver – Fundamentals Do Not Matter

  • Frank Zak

    The owners of every physical oz of gold
    in the Comex went from 15 in early 2013
    to 58 currently.

    The only way to stop the bullion banks
    from going bust is to raise the Comex margin.
    Maybe near full value.

  • Frank Zak

    Paper gold has no relationship to
    physical gold.

    Paper gold price is determined by
    supply and demand of total paper

    The FED’s of the world have leased their gold out
    to suppress it. This will not work much longer.

    Paper gold has no relationship to real gold.

    Paper gold is no different than pork bellies
    of Annanaki aliens.

    It is a myth.

  • Nick

    LOL! I’m sure the Chinese are kicking themselves right now for wasting their money on precious metals—when they could have gone all-in on Bitcoin!

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