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Globalist Plans of Merging Technology with Man: Special Report

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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1 comment to Globalist Plans of Merging Technology with Man: Special Report

  • Ed_B

    There doesn’t have to be any plan for humans to use technology to enhance their basic abilities. People have been doing that for a long time, whether by using canes, crutches, or eye-glasses to correct the physical problems they have. This is on-going and will continue as nano tech matures and eventually combines with biology. Would it not be useful to have artificial padding between our joints that never wears out? How about having a perfect and vast memory? Vision that would make an eagle envious? A super-powerful immune system? Medical nano-bots inside our bodies that detect and repair physical damage, ward off disease quickly, easily, and painlessly, and even extend life hundreds of years? Many of the common ailments that shorten lives or reduce the quality of life will soon be just fading memories, akin to bubonic plague, leprosy, and other ancient scourges of humanity.

    Much is possible with this kind of tech but great power also entails great responsibility. The real question here is, “Will this be used wisely?”. Hopefully, it will, for it has the potential for great harm as well as great good.

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