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Gitmo’s Al-Qaeda ‘Double Agent’ Revolving Door

from 21st Century Wire:

This might be shocking news on the surface, but it should really come as no surprise to anyone who understands the underlying purpose of both Rendition policy and the Guantanamo Bay operation. RT reports:

“Penny Lane continues the US military’s trend of borrowing famous Beatles’ songs to name their facilities. In 2010, The New York Times broke the story on a clandestine facility disturbingly dubbed ‘Strawberry Fields’, since it was believed that the ‘high value’ inmates detained would be there, as the well-known lyrics say, ‘forever’. These individuals were referred to as ghost detainees, and were held for years by the CIA in secret ‘black site’ prisons across Europe, as well as in the Middle East and Asia.”

Back in March of this year, 21WIRE revealed how at least two high-ranking Al-Qaeda militants were released from Gitmo only to find themselves back out in the field – in quite pivotal positions alongside US efforts in both Libya and Syria. Here are the details: 

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