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GATA Addresses CPM’s Allegations

from KitcoNews:

Daniela: “Hopefully you and Jeffrey Christian can make peace, Bill.”

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3 comments to GATA Addresses CPM’s Allegations

  • Frank Zak

    She did not bring up Murphy was fined $650,000
    in 2000 by the CFTC for a copper trade that left
    his clients losing $20,000,000 and
    his licence to trade was cancelled.

    Adrian is the worst shill on the internet.
    One false fact after another.

    GATA is correct in what they are saying.

    Problem is, they are scamsters.

    Maguire has yet to show a trading statement
    he day trades, or has made any money at all.

    Murphy got caught with his pants down
    as all scamsters usually do.

  • mouse

    murphy and christian have some things in common. this is why they are in war, because only people of similar “qualities” recognize the opponent in each other.

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