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Fiat Money Quantity hits new record

by Alasdair Macleod, Gold Money:

Based on the monthly figures to 1st October recently released by the St Louis Fed, FMQ jumped $227bn in September to $12,176bn. This puts it $4,819bn and 65% over the long-term exponential trend established between 1960 and July 2008, the month before the Lehman crisis. The revised chart is shown below.

QE3 is running at $85bn, and directly increases FMQ by double that amount, or $170bn, indicating that other factors contributed $57bn to the FMQ total. This suggests that the current rate of QE was insufficient to provide the liquidity required in money markets consistent with current interest rates, at least for the month of September. However, bond yields are still high, despite the deferral of tapering, as shown in the second chart, which is of the US Treasury 10-year note yield.

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  • Libertarian 4 Freedom

    Dear Sean,

    Thank you for ALL you do for our nation on this website. You ARE a TRUE Patriot and we are very grateful to you and all the Patriotic alternative media for helping waking up America to tyranny. Loving everything you post. Would like to recommend you interview a HOT new whistleblower. She is a former World Bank Senior Counsel who got fired for trying to reveal the corruption of the World Bank which is directly tied to the Central Banksters. Her name is KAREN HUDES and everyone has been interviewing her including RT News. Would love for you to share with all your followers, too. I’ve been watching all of her interviews on YouTube.. and she has exciting news to share.

    Wishing you all the best and peace.

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