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Feds Use Intimidation to Confiscate Vet’s Assets, His Gold & Silver

Is the confiscation of this WW II hero’s gold and silver what’s eventually in store for the rest of us?

by James White, Northwest Liberty News:

I posted an article about 10 days ago which outlined the ongoing court battle that WW II veteran and war hero, Ren Bodeker, has been waging with the bankruptcy court to keep his property in rural Montana.  You can read the original article here.  Now, the Trustee wants to elongate this 91 yr. old man’s anguish into next year by postponing the scheduled Dec 5th hearing until January of 2014.  One could argue that by moving this hearing date, it could benefit the government in 2 ways.  First, January weather in Montana can be dicey.  People coming to Missoula from around the state to support Ren will need to go over one or more mountain passes to get there, and there is no small crowd of supporters who plan on attending.  Ren has the overwhelming support of the community, even amongst some of those who “wear the uniform.”   Sure Montanans are tough, but they are also wise to the dangers of mountain weather; and an un-timely snowstorm would substantially decrease Ren’s support.  Second, as I stated earlier Ren is 91 yrs. old.  One may conclude that it would be awfully convenient for the government if he would, oh I don’t know, die.  I hate to sound harsh, but you are fooling yourself if you do not think those kinds of factors are in play here.  91 years old, battling illness, time is on their side.  Many of you donated to Ren’s defense when I posted the original story, and for that I say, “Thank you.” I spoke to Ren’s power of attorney Friday to get the account info, and the donated money will be transferred to Ren’s defense account this week.

At the end of this article, I am going to post a list of people who all of you can contact that can influence Ren’s hearing.  But first, I want to go over what transpired to bring us to where we are now.  And, how the maneuvering by the government in this case may be a foretaste of how they are going to legislate you out of your assets.

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1 comment to Feds Use Intimidation to Confiscate Vet’s Assets, His Gold & Silver

  • AgShaman

    Yes. The Pilgrim Society was founded to keep out of, and/or remove, physical gold and silver from the hands of common people.

    The spring is purposefully coiled to promote the outlawing and confiscation of PM’s in the future.

    Once the gun grab and hostile takeover is finalized….personal property will become a “problem” of the past.

    Amerikwans are not holding their govt. and their criminal representatives in the 3 fed branches accountable. Because of this….”rights and property ownership” will not be respected going forward.

    Since Americana is a greedy and childish lot…the Syndicate will watch with glee, as the unwashed masses feed on themselves after chaos erupts….then clean up the mess and stockpile the ‘spoils’ when the remaining proles run out of food, gas, and energy to mount any opposition.

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