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FDA approves addictive opioid 10X stronger than Vicodin

from RTAmerica:

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4 comments to FDA approves addictive opioid 10X stronger than Vicodin

  • jonathan

    Haven’t you heard the medical industry believes designer heroin is a medicine and marijuana is dangerous. Can’t America go back to that glorious health care system they had before Obama Care? Oh how I long for those days.

  • AgShaman

    The beatings and zombyism will continue…until morale improves.

  • Slvrizgold

    They want to get people hooked on the opiods so when they get too hard or expensive to acquire, the CIA and the Mossad and their military cronies can make all that money selling the heroin they’re growing in Afghanistan!

    • jonathan

      THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE: A guy I know is hooked on Oxy’s. His doctor told him Heroin is less addictive than Oxy’s and he should think of switching to Heroin because it would be easier to quit. All they have to do is write a lot in medical journals and whisper amongst doctors that it’s easier to quit Heroin than Oxy’s and they will tell their patients and the Banksters and their Minions in the CIA will have their customers.

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