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Examining Silver and Deflation

by Ryan Jordan, Ph. D,

Silver and other precious metals just can’t seem to get a break. There are several reasons one can think of for their lackluster performance on days like today: 1) the supposed FED taper 2) a skyrocketing stock market seemingly indicating all is well with the world, and 3) a sense that the US dollar represents the “cleanest dirty shirt,” as they say. When you add to this that commodity futures across the board are lower on the year, you get a sense that some sort of strong disinflation or deflation is in the cards. Now, if falling prices were occurring with a genuinely strong real economy, I might be inclined to agree that gold and silver are in deep trouble. However, when I look at the economic data globally, I actually see a re-emerging deflationary threat, one that could damage bank balance sheets and– if not handled properly– bring about a return of the headaches of the 2007-2009 period.

During those years, as you should know, gold and silver remained among the best-performing asset classes.

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