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By Phoenix Capital Research, The Burning Platform:

Americans consume 5-10x more than they produce. They pay for this inflated standard of living by borrowing and creating debt. We exchanged a production economy for a financialization economy, which means debt creation above all else.

Keynesians like Paul Krugman believe debt doesn’t matter. But it does matter. We’re reaching the end of the line, where more debt creation finally takes it’s toll on GDP people’s living standards. Our entire standard of living has been a debt-fueled illusion. Debt creation can only drive economic growth for so long, then it’s game over.

The US is heading towards a debt crisis.

Today, the US’s Debt to GDP ratio stands at over 105% (debt of $16.7 trillion on a GDP of $15.68 trillion). The only other time we’ve had more debt relative to our GDP was during WWII when the Debt to GDP ratio hit 112%:

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